8051 Burner – Programmer V2.0

Document: Easy Downloader v2 – Burner – 8051

Note: Due to security reason of the site I am unable to include firmware of this project here. Please contact me at rajendra.banepali@yahoo.com for firmware and burner software.



A microcontroller (sometimes abbreviated µC, uC or MCU) is a small computer on a single integrated circuit containing a processor core, memory, and programmable input/output peripherals. Program memory in the form of NOR flash or OTP ROM is also often included on chip, as well as a typically small amount of RAM. Microcontrollers are designed for embedded applications, in contrast to the microprocessors used in personal computers or other general purpose applications.

Microcontrollers are used in automatically controlled products and devices, such as automobile engine control systems, implantable medical devices, remote controls, office machines, appliances, power tools, and toys. By reducing the size and cost compared to a design that uses a separate microprocessor, memory, and input/output devices, microcontrollers make it economical to digitally control even more devices and processes. Mixed signal microcontrollers are common, integrating analog components needed to control non-digital electronic systems. Continue reading “Microcontroller”

Role Base Security Management – ASP.NET Security Model

In computer systems security, role-based access control (RBAC) is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users. It is a newer alternative approach to mandatory access control (MAC) and discretionary access control (DAC). RBAC is sometimes referred to as role-based security.

Within an organization, roles are created for various job functions. The permissions to perform certain operations are assigned to specific roles. Members of staff (or other system users) are assigned particular roles, and through those role assignments acquire the permissions to perform particular system functions. Since users are not assigned permissions directly, but only acquire them through their role (or roles), management of individual user rights becomes a matter of simply assigning appropriate roles to the user; this simplifies common operations, such as adding a user, or changing a user’s department.
Three primary rules are defined for RBAC:
1. Role assignment: A subject can execute a transaction only if the subject has selected or been assigned a role.
2. Role authorization: A subject’s active role must be authorized for the subject. With rule 1 above, this
3. Transaction authorization: A subject can execute a transaction only if the transaction is authorized for the subject’s active role. With rules 1 and 2, this rule ensures that users can execute only transactions for which they are authorized.

Role Base Security Management – Complete file

Research on Content Management System

CMS-ScreenRecently, I am doing research on Content Management Sysem (CMS) which is WEB base. I have almost finished documentation and design part and doing on the computer. The System is design in ASP.NET and PHP with Model Control View Conceptual framework. It is a management system in which other extensions are installed for new facility. You can download this system soon. We are releasing the system soon. The system is called “SAHARA iPod 100″.

Download SAHARA iPod 100
Try Demo in PHP >>
Try Demo in ASP.NET (It will be remain for a short days only) >>

::: Research Site

Ajax 4 PHP and ASP

Step 1 – Ajax basics
Ajax PHP tutorial
In this article I don’t want to show you the history of AJAX and discuss its pros and cons, but only focus on how to create a basic working AJAX – PHP communication. The only important thing at the moment is that AJAX uses JavaScript so it need to be enabled in your browser to successfully complete this tutorial.
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My effort to academic paper

It is my efforts for those people who are associated with academic practice in software engineering. I had got so much harassment while preparing my academic reports and thesis. I could not get proper guideline and proper sample copy for report and thesis. Ultimately I went thought the many different collections of reports, thesis and publications that I came to know the complete report and thesis format for my academic. I would not want other got unnecessary harassment to prepare university papers and thesis. So, I have put the my bachelor degree and master degree thesis for reference to others. Please see the attachment cited bellow.

– Bachelor in Computer – Thesis
– Master in Science of Information Technology – Thesis

Brief on Concept of Poverty

That poverty is a multi-dimensional concept is beyond dispute. Poverty can be locked upon as a state of powerlessness of a person in abnormally functioning society, as lack of capabilities of this person to fully participate in the normal livelihood of that society, as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society, or as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society. But once of the most powerful concepts of poverty is that lack o adequate income to acquire necessary food and none-food items for normal living. Income is important because it reflects command over resources: it can be used as means for a person to get what he/she is lacking.
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What is 3G?

This is collection from India and Nepal.

Current WAP speed in India is nothing great but it has improved. I understand from my friends who are experts in telecom that you cannot improve the speed performance of WAP any further on a GSM network (which is 2G). I am told only 3G can improve things. So what is 3G? Continue reading “What is 3G?”