Techical Project Work

Web Engineering:

2014 – 2018 UN Search Engine in Nepal:

  • Under the overall Knowledge Management framework, this project has been designed.
  • Tools: Service Architecture in ASP.NET, SQL Server and Web Services for other connecting devices like mobile apps and other sites.

2010 – MIS for UNIC Kathmandu (Intranet)
• Management Information System (MIS) is designed especially for information management of UNIC Kathmandu. It has some modules to automate manual tasks as reference library management, inquiry and project tracking, content management system, contact and user profile.
• Role in Project: System Analyst, Programmer and Administrator of this server and database.
• Tools: ASP.NET, MS-SQL Server

2009 – Online Banking / General Account
• This is my skeleton of online banking with double entry accounting system. It was my major project work of Master’s Degree.
• Here, we can find client registration, voucher entry, ledger report, and trial balance.
• Tools: ASP.NET, MS-SQL Server.

2007 – Sahara WEB Server (Research Work)
• It is http server as IIS and Apache Server. We can host our PHP web application in this server.
• It is development for Java Contest 2007. Awarded by JAVA Contest 2007, held by Wakhok University Japan, Kathmandu Engineering College and White House College, as “Most Promising Application” for 4th position.
• Tools: Core Java, Java NET package, Socket Layer

2007 – Portal /Content Management System
• It is Content Management System in PHP and ASP.NET
• Some of the modules are included as following: Template Selection, Content Editing, Menu Manager, File/Image Manager, and Layout Manager.
• url:-

2007 – Roster Management System
• Basically it is used for Personnel Management (HR) with CVs.
• Tools: ASP.NET 2.0, MS-SQL Server 2005
• It is my college project work for Bachelor’s Degree.

2005 – Personnel Information Management System and Payroll
• Manage all records of employee regarding personal information, academic, experience, promotion, skill, language, training and payroll for human resource department. The System does auto calculating salary sheet, providence fund, allowance and other benefits
• Kathmandu Model hospital and Dairy Development Corporation are using the software for their systematic management.
• Role in Project: System Analyst, System Developer, Project Manager.
• Tools: Classic ASP as Font-End and MS-SQL server as Back-End.

2000-2002 Internal Messaging Application
• This is website with mail application. It is used to communicate within the registered members of this application along with chat room.
• Tools: Classic ASP, Java script, VBScript, Photo shop 6.0, Dream weaver 4.0, Macromedia Flash 5.0

2002 – Online Examination
• This application is used to conduct examination for students. The application is hosted in webserver and student can access from any computer connected with webserver.
• There is user interface as well as Admin interface for control and question bank. It is interesting that each and every students get different question at a time of particular subject.
• Tools: Class ASP, Java script, VBScript and MS-SQL server 7.0 and Oracle 9i, Photo shop 6.0, Dream weaver 4.0, Macromedia Flash 5.0

Software Engineering:

2005 – MIS for JIT/UNDP
• Purpose: Baseline Survey , Research and Activities Management of JIT/ UNDP
• Tools: Delphi as Front-End and MS-SQL Server 2000 as Back-End
• Role in project: System Analyst, Develop templates and Guide programmers.
• Contact: Program officer, Mrs. Salini Sharma (Manandhar)

2005 – Quality Control and Monitoring System – Central for Rural Technology (CRT)
• Purpose: Feasibility Study, Monitoring Method, Quality Control and Inspection, marks system for quality maintenance.
• Tools: Delphi 5 as Font-End and MS-SQL server as Back-End.
• Project coordinator: Mr. Prerak Shrestha, Mrs. Mausami

2004 – Library Management System
• Purpose: Manage Library activities: Book Registration, Client Registration, Issue Status, Return Status, and Searching Techniques.
• Tools: Visual Basic 6.0 as Front-End and MS-SQL Server 2000 as Back-End
• Nepal Police Academy/Nepal, Lajimpat is completely using the Library software.

2003 – Management/Marketing Information System (MIS) – Gorkha Brewery
• Purpose: Tracking over all about outlet premises of brewery, Retail survey details, Analyze data for marketing department, and management.
• Tools: Delphi 5 as Font-End and MS-SQL server as Back-End.

2003 – Chat Messenger
• Developed in Sun Java 2.0, Swing, RMI, and JDBC
• Using MS-access 2000 as a database.

2002 – General Account Management
• Purpose: General Accounting System Management (Base on Resource and uses). This kind of software is mainly used in none profit organization like NGO, INGO
• Including some feature of Finance section.
• SPW-Nepal of UK (Student Partnership Worldwide, Lajimpat, has used the software for 6 years completely.
• Version 1.0.0 is developed in MS-Access only
• Version 2.0.0 is developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and MS-SQL server 2000 for efficiency and better performance.

2002 – Accounting Software ACPLUS 1.0.0
• Cable network client billing system
• Tools: MS-Visual Basic 6.0 and MS-SQL Server 2000
• Client: Team Communication Network P. Ltd., Hetauda

1998 – File Handling System as DOS named X-Xing
• It is programme to handle file system. It acts as MS-DOS.
• This is my practice and learning project of programming.
• Tools: Q-basic and C

Embedded System – Microcontroller

2011 – Lujha Water Pump Automation
• AT89C52 Microcontroller is used for device.
• RS232 is used for communication with web server on the computer. Web application can operate the device.
• Firmware is designed into Assembly as well as in C.
• It is basically research work for device integration with software technology.