About #1

With area in Digital Technology, especially system analysis and software engineering, were preliminary workout which was turned into extensive research aligning social science phenomena latter on. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Master of Science Degree in Information Technology have been enriched with alignment of social flavor in associating a Master Degree in Conflict Management and PhD (in pursuing) of Digital Technology aligning International Relations.

Since April 2008, Rajendra Man Banepali has been working in the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in Kathmandu, Nepal in a capacity of Knowledge Management Associate. Knowledge Management & Sharing, Public Information and Public Relation, ICT Best Practices, and Knowledge Management Team are core incumbents. In this connection, He has kicked up “UN Digital Repository” in association with excellent relations with UN Headquarters and UN country team in Nepal implementing complex ICT projects. Prior to joining UNIC Kathmandu, he worked as an Information System Assistant for three years with UNDP Nepal in a project to develop Management Information System across 30 districts of Nepal that had to be connected through a centralised database server. Before joining the United Nations system, he has worked in software companies for 6 years as a Software Engineer and Software Project Manager.

My recent research on Social Conversation Actualized by Digital Technology, E-government in 2011 with Kathmandu University, E-readiness in 2013 with Tribhuvan university and ongoing research in Digital Technology aligning International Relations are major sources of academic research background.


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