Technology for nation building – smooth transition of Hong Kong Immigration redirecting my thoughts

Meeting with a kid next to my seat with his parent on board way to Hong Kong.

17th Feb 2017, KOWLOON, HONG KONG – Three hours before to airport at my home too, I was not really on the way of my trip to Hong Kong. All of the sudden, I found myself on the way of reporting to airport for travel. I set off for report on foot since airport is ten minutes far from my home on foot. There are a lot of people in queue checking-in and I joined the queue. Most of Nepali people are for connecting flight and few are to Hong Kong.

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Three stories replied me “Why do I need mobility for life” – America Diary October 2011

Wall Street in tension in October 2011 and Rajendra Man Banepali observing Wall Street, New York, USA.

Kathmandu, 9th November 2016 — United Nations (UN) exam centre was in court square of New York which was major destination of my mission to United States of America (USA) in 12th October 2011 including my official assignment to the UN in Manhattan, New York. I met an American man, 28, who was in same exam hall, while returning from exam centre and talked about few things with him about his job and education. His home was in Brooklyn, which was tomorrow’s destination of my trip. He was an American and working in Kenya.  He was also in New York to take examination of the UN. But, he was from outside of the UN. I asked him why he was working in Kenya rather than working in his home town or in any part of USA since everyone thinks that USA is land of opportunities. “There is nothing here for me, I could not earn money here and move to Kenya to earn money”, he expressed with sadness. Most of people not only in Nepal think USA is a land of opportunities and they want to go USA to earn money and comfort life style. The answer stressed new way of thought of USA in front my way. And I was thinking of his mobility from USA to Kenya.

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Economics of Netpolitik: Nepali political parties likely to pay off NRs. 7.5m to American Companies in upcoming elections

Eco-NetPolitik - webWith increasing penetration of the Internet in Nepal, 46.04 per cent in 2015 and 38.68 per cent in 2014, diplomats, government and political parties have also entered into digital diplomacy for digital battle to contest with their own context in modern society equipped with science and technology. People with ambition of the materialistic world and race of advancement, won’t now stop in this reasoning era living with digital technology like the Internet. One of the least developed countries like Nepal has 4 million Facebook users in 2016, said Facebook.

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Technology for hunger — Sustainable Development Goals in relation for bridging

Technology for hunger.jpgThere is no doubt of innovation for foster development and resilience infrastructure development in a nation. No area is immune from effects of innovative technology with rapid growing and rendering social calendar of people around the world. Nobody wants to stop the technology and feel incomplete without technology even in group or alone, especially if to show off. In case of wondering how such technology is affordable to hunger who cannot even afford his grains. It would be innovative and sustainable if a hunger, from war zone and crisis, could afford the technology rather than a matter of show off. Development actors, donors, national and international community and no other than scholar and academicians should enter into a dialogue to bridge technology and livelihood of people in a way that a hunger would have no feelings of hungry next morning rather than as a burden or expensive item just for show off.

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Social Cost of Implication by Digital Technology

Rajendra roaming Manhattan city – heart of New York – in 2011.

Digital technology is though low cost media for expedition of information management, sharing in e-gov like in Nepal, political movement like in presidential election in US 2008, but I am fail to see low social cost in digital age. Social costs are of native relations, carefree life, humanity, and human sovereignty. It is not matter of only using technology, but implement those items and inventions with very carefully within core mission of happiness of life.

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Kalyani Diary – political alliance unions molts conflict and ends making laundry man.

RN Biswas, a dry claner in University of Kalyani, from Bagmore, Rani Rasmor Ghat, Naida, Kolkata visited Nepal.

KALYANI, NAIDA, KOLKOTA, Friday, 6 May 2016 — Interesting thing of the day was a talk with RN Biswas, a dry cleaner – Laundry. He is from Bagmore, Rani Rasmori Ghat Road. He has another shop – Kind Dry Cleaners in his place. He expressed his sincerity to Nepal that he has visited Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places of Nepal during his last visit of one week. He explained why they should visit Nepal – they are 1. Nepal is neighboring country, only one Hindu country, and very mountainous country indeed. He loves to travel to Nepal again. I found he has one kind of attraction towards Nepal that I like very much. “Girija Prasad Koirala is prime minister of Nepal”, he said. Continue reading “Kalyani Diary – political alliance unions molts conflict and ends making laundry man.”

…and I trust government school

Admission notice
Admission notice of Balmiki primary school administration announcing free school dress, food and waives of any other cost of schooling.

Significantly decreasing number of students in most of government schools only blaming of increasing number and success of private schools is not natural getting excuse of escape or it is like a hoax of lack of quality education in government school nowadays. There are very good and excellent teachers in government schools but people are not still quite ready to send their children in government schools in city area but they are dreaming to get job in government schools because not only salary and entitlement of teacher are more handsome than teachers of private school but also it is matter of stable job in government schools. Why are we having contrast in present action and future prospects? It is not only matter of lack of quality assurance of education in government schools and is not obviously matter of fee structure and other expenses. Everything is free in government school but still people are not sending their children in government schools if they can afford private school in their best. And it is matter of lack of trust building demonstrated by management of the school though they have more capable and excellent human resources than private schools.

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Difficult professor is liked after your graduation

Dr. Ram Thapaliya at Yak and Yet
Dr. Ram Thapaliya (left) making a big smile in meeting at Yak and Yeti. 

Kathmandu, (RMB Social) 20 April 2016 – Classroom of Dr. Ram Thapaliya for “Models and Applications of Conflict Resolution” in 2012 was full of students with pin drop silence. I was at the last bench as habitual. Lecture was very nice and crystal clear and presentation slides were moving. At the middle of class, I could not understand about just one previous slide and requested Dr. Thapaliya for his review on previous presentation slide of “multi track diplomacy”. He stopped for a while in the pin drop silence but moved back to the slide and furnished the conceptual review once again. I understood the lecture very clearly. At the end of his furnishing, he fired a statement – “Mr. Banepali, you wasted my 5 minutes in my class and onwards you never act such activity again”. Literally, I was speechless and could not dare to act nothing at the moment. Later on, Dr. Thapaliya had given me an opportunity to facilitate and mediate a workshop, conflicting parties and colleagues of the university at the end of semester which was one of the remarkable journey of my life in social interface in a different ways.

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Social Media: Digital Migration in Cybernetic Loop

13046143_10206051746396673_820478513_nKATHMANDU, 17 April 2016 (RMB Social Cybernetic): Two hundred eleven social media websites are rendering their activities in the world and some of few are in line of luring people around the world with their priority. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are dominating other social media as if Facebook is introducing as the Internet among upcoming new users in cybernetic world. There are other social media in the history in which many youth have spent a lot of time and shared their experiences and the world has also experienced those cyber space in the different communities. Where are those social media and users? How people can track down their experiences of their history and why they move to other social space are much important questions to figure out death of Facebook – as it is spreading its influences in social calendar of people around the world redefining the Internet. There is only one truth — “CHANGE”.

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Earthquake in 6D Kung Fu Panda

Existence of Dharohara after earthquake in April 2015. Dharohara was fallen down in the first jolt in the last year. Photo: Rajendra while going for Cinema with family.

KATHMANDU (RMB Social), 9 April 2016 – We were in cinema hall watching “Kung Fu Panda” in which a lot of scenes are very funny, scary and vertical limit of fighting between iconic actors and obviously lovely and cute Panda of kids. In the beginning of film in the cinema hall, everyone was looting and shouting in every moment of scene since it was 3D and sound system was pumping hearts. The sound was very strong generating some vibrations in hall. Kids – my son and daughter – were in their first experience with 3D cinema and had been having a lot of fun with adventure and fun. Continue reading “Earthquake in 6D Kung Fu Panda”