SDGs and my life

Rajendra Man Banepali is speaking about SDGs and life in National Youth Conference.

Kathmandu, 15 August 2017 — Public speaking is my seasonal activity. I learn. And feel associated and connected with people sharing knowledge in a platform. In a way, I spoke about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating my stories of life with 200 youths on the floor moderated by Nepal Youth Council on Saturday, 15th August 2017.

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Kautilya Neeti for ICT Management in Modern Age: at School of Management Tribhuvan University

Standing with youth leaders of School of Management (MBA IT) in Tribhuvan University !!!

KIRTIPUR, 15 JUNE 2017 — Kautilya, an ancient philosopher namely called Chanakya, is unparalleled diplomat whose knowledge is not limited to management but also sported in economics, political science, power exercise, military operation and many other fields. His theories and concept are still extensively useful and valid in modern age.

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Sharing: Success Mechanism Even for Small Goal of Our Life

Sharing with 1600 plus youth in Ratriya Sabha Griha on Thursday, 8th June 2017.

KATHMANDU, Thursday, 8th June 2017 — Fighting into battle, whether you win or you learn. Nothing is west, but it the way how you construct those ways to turn your dream into reality in your life or your voice is to be heard by the rest of the world. It turns into reality following success mechanism.

Success mechanism is psycho cybernetic process of your mind – subconscious mind – and your conscious mind. Success mechanism (or impact theory) has three questions which we have to ask to ourselves each time during our struggle. They are 1.) Who do you want to be – Goal? 2.) How do you want to get those experiences – Method? and 3.) What would you contribute to the community – contribution? Here, we are going to explore about success mechanism which is not likely for life bur it is for few goals settings or project work or long term projects of our life.

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Why was trip of Assam University important to link Cambridge?


An e-mail, which was going to mark successful work ahead, popped up into my computer in beginning of February 2015 when I have just returned from my university in Rajasthan, India after completing pre-requisite coursework of my PhD. The e-mail was about to submit research paper in international conference in Assam University. I was excited and eager to learn more search work writing papers. I accepted it immediately to gear up my paper.

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Myth or Reality of Software in Nepal: CAN SoftTech Summit 2017

Rajendra Man Banepali presenting paper in CAN SoftTech Summit 2017.

Offsetting complexity of software conflict shaped from encounter of human intervention in development of software technology in Nepal, this article – presented in CAN Soft Tech 2017 – explores possible and sustainable ways as solutions introducing new way to explore challenges as myth or reality check.

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Knowledge Management: Machine for Human Civilization

Rajendra Man Banepali speaking in Internet Security Awareness programme in New Summit College on Monday, 24th April 2017
Rajendra Man Banepali speaking in Information Security Awareness programme in New Summit College on Monday, 24th April 2017

Raising of machine, at the aftermath of the internet in early 1970s and world-wide-web in 1990s, has actualized “information society” in reality. Rapid increasing of the internet penetration in Nepal, 31.69 per cent in 2014 and 46.04 per cent in 2015 according to a MIS report of Nepal Telecommunication Authority, is ascertaining upcoming “information society” and “netizen culture” in Nepalese society, especially in youth and middle aged people. It is a raise of machine for human being introducing contextualized information which is known as knowledge.

Data as fact and figures, which relay something specific, morphs information through calculative event establishing relationship with other elements of its environment. A psychological mental exercise contextualizing object or information in specific event in an environment generates knowledge – as one of the multiple realities – which is constructed by societal and technological constructors. Here, we are talking about Knowledge Management (KM), especially institutional KM, which is constructed by technological constructor in raising of machine for human civilization.

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National and Intel’ cooperation and Intel’ Instrument require to mediate latent future digital conflicts

Rajendra is presenting a paper “Digital Diplomacy” in 11-12 March 2015 in Intel’ Conference in Assam University. (File Photo)

If the Internet is being source of everything in information age, sooner the Internet would be conflicting domain like air, land and maritime not only in civic but also in state and international level morphing skills of military in more logical strategy than hard core exercise in order to defuse terrorist who supposed to make headlines. However, technical preventive measures are holding and mediating such disputes currently, national and international cooperation and international instruments are required to prevent and mediate such latent future digital conflicts in national and international scope since those conflicts are beyond border. ( I will be opening full content in another Intel’ Conference soon.)

Future challenges of ICT4D of SDGs in Nepal Nirman – Content issue and social cost of digital conflict in Digital Nepal

Panel discussion on ICT for sustainable development at Soaltee Crown Plaza Hotel, LIVE on Himalayan Television.

KATHMANDU, 25 June 2016 – We are living in future and most of the imaginations came to reality nowadays since we are enabled with technology, especially digital technology. Rapid growing digital technology, not only in developed countries but also in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) like in Nepal, is unstoppable to claim making headlines soon. And it is call of modern world too.

Implementing technology for foster development of a nation and infrastructure development is very necessary with core mission of sustainable development in which appropriate technology and affordable technology are manifolds to be considered while implementing ICT for development, especially in rural areas in LDCs. Creating new ideas is not small job. However, every ideas do not work in ground realities because the idea does not make sense aligning context of ground, human values, norms and culture.

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