Kathmandu, 25 December 2018 — I found these certificates in garbage around forest area of Pashupatinath while going for jogging few days ago. A boy said that these documents were thrown after death of that person. Some medicines were also inside the plastic bag. Some certificates were well known to people and some had deeply rooted into one’s.

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Begnas | Katha Majhi – Travel Diary

IMG_0775POKHARA, 29 JULY 2018 — Two boards at another edge were slowly rowing on Beganas lake which is one of silent lakes in Pokhara. After few minutes, I clearly noticed that three students in school uniforms were on a board and another board was rowed by a lady. I captured photos and videos. They reached, tied the board and got out from the board. I spoke with students, the lady, mother of students and a man, father of students and who was rowing board of students. A man had fish and I asked whether I could buy the fish for home. They agreed but I could not hold the fish in my car whole day since it needed freeze to preserve. I dropped the idea of buying fish. They were about to go to school. I helped dropping students to school. On the way, a man, Dil Bahadur Jalari, shared his life, the inspiring life.

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KATHMANDU @ 4:53 AM | Photo Story

kathmandu-453am - web
Kathmandu at 4:53 AM

KATHMANDU, 20 JULY 2018 — Several days knocked me early in the morning but a lazy folk never found a work instead of bed. Friday late evening was excuse to wait a sunrise on a street of Kathmandu. Spending whole night with opened eyes, I went to Kings way at 3 AM after coffee in Thamel and took photo and video clip that I was searching since many days.

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