Three stories replied me “Why do I need mobility for life” – America Diary October 2011

Wall Street in tension in October 2011 and Rajendra Man Banepali observing Wall Street, New York, USA.

Kathmandu, 9th November 2016 — United Nations (UN) exam centre was in court square of New York which was major destination of my mission to United States of America (USA) in 12th October 2011 including my official assignment to the UN in Manhattan, New York. I met an American man, 28, who was in same exam hall, while returning from exam centre and talked about few things with him about his job and education. His home was in Brooklyn, which was tomorrow’s destination of my trip. He was an American and working in Kenya.  He was also in New York to take examination of the UN. But, he was from outside of the UN. I asked him why he was working in Kenya rather than working in his home town or in any part of USA since everyone thinks that USA is land of opportunities. “There is nothing here for me, I could not earn money here and move to Kenya to earn money”, he expressed with sadness. Most of people not only in Nepal think USA is a land of opportunities and they want to go USA to earn money and comfort life style. The answer stressed new way of thought of USA in front my way. And I was thinking of his mobility from USA to Kenya.

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