A Trail through Lamma Island

rmb-on-beachLAMMA ISLAND, HONG KONG, 21st Feb 2017 – Splendid journey to Hong Kong was nailed one year before in office’s picnic in Gokarna Resort. I was reluctant to make this trip due to prejudice about Hong Kong and its people in such a way that I was on my bed at home till 8:30pm whereas I had to report airport at 9:00pm. Airport is 15 minutes walking distance from my home. I was feeling that this trip was obligation rather than my own interest. But, after this trip I knew it was a call of dragon warriors. I would regret if I would not make this trip. It is meaning trip because a quest of trip made me clear how much I was wrong to Hong Kong and its people. I am thankful to those all local people and their consideration with graceful behavior. I found everyone is awesome and extensively natural with eternal feelings and the places, I have been like Lamma Island, were successful to mesmerize my trip for a long till the end. Continue reading “A Trail through Lamma Island”

Decoding my dream of Dragon Warriors – Digital Technology in Mediation

Rajendra Man Banepali’s gesture with a cup of coffee after problem solving with Air Hostesses – (Left) Blue Cheung, Hana Lau and Sally Lui

Hong Kong, 22nd February 2017 – Two dragon warriors were into my dream on Sunday, 7th August 2016 night (a day of Naag Panchami). I realized that my footsteps, while stepping out from airbus at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu at mid night of Wednesday, 22nd February 2017, was decoding my dream of 200 days ago. My overall journey in Hong Kong was meaningful and I am thankful to team members for their consideration and cooperation for my trip. I would regret if I had not made this trip indeed because I would not be able to decode my dream of dragon warriors.

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Vessel of trade across the world, Technology always accepts historical parameters: Time Ball in Harbour

Tower of Time-Ball installed, Harbour, Hong Kong

HARBOUR, HONG KONG, 20th Feb 2017 –  Coinciding with 1884 establishment of Greenwich Time (GMT) time ball tower in Harbour in Hong Kong was constructed in the same year with the very important function of disseminating accurate standard time to the marine community.

The location was chosen as ideal most-prominent location, being visible and almost equidistant from over 200 degrees of the Harhour, full of the hundreds of ships that arrived in the Harbour each week.

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Technology for nation building – smooth transition of Hong Kong Immigration redirecting my thoughts

Meeting with a kid next to my seat with his parent on board way to Hong Kong.

17th Feb 2017, KOWLOON, HONG KONG – Three hours before to airport at my home too, I was not really on the way of my trip to Hong Kong. All of the sudden, I found myself on the way of reporting to airport for travel. I set off for report on foot since airport is ten minutes far from my home on foot. There are a lot of people in queue checking-in and I joined the queue. Most of Nepali people are for connecting flight and few are to Hong Kong.

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