Earthquake in 6D Kung Fu Panda

Existence of Dharohara after earthquake in April 2015. Dharohara was fallen down in the first jolt in the last year. Photo: Rajendra while going for Cinema with family.

KATHMANDU (RMB Social), 9 April 2016 – We were in cinema hall watching “Kung Fu Panda” in which a lot of scenes are very funny, scary and vertical limit of fighting between iconic actors and obviously lovely and cute Panda of kids. In the beginning of film in the cinema hall, everyone was looting and shouting in every moment of scene since it was 3D and sound system was pumping hearts. The sound was very strong generating some vibrations in hall. Kids – my son and daughter – were in their first experience with 3D cinema and had been having a lot of fun with adventure and fun. Continue reading “Earthquake in 6D Kung Fu Panda”

Service Architecture for Information System

KATHMANDU (RMB Tech), 9 April 2016 – Service Architecture seems sometimes very lengthy and complex phenomena in computing only if it needs to render few unclassified information or documents. It is technical diplomacy of mechanical or software actors involved in process of information processing in order to produce human readable document. Service architecture provides interface to render data to process further into next module producing presentable information – as human could read in their own way. Making human readable information is spinoff multiple processes involved – data retrieving, merging, calculating and modification. Observing those multiple processes, major three modules – data service, web service, and presentation service – can be considered in service architecture for Information System in which centralized service architecture is nowadays widely being used for data security, data integrity and consistency in cloud. It is also used for desktop software too. Continue reading “Service Architecture for Information System”

सहि पहिचान अनि छनौतको आवश्यक्ता

KATHMANDU, 9 October 2013 — स्वगतका लागि १५० किलोको माला ब्यवस्था गरियको छ । मोटरसाइकल, कार र जुलुसैसहित उनको, जो भ्रष्टाचारमा दोषी ठहरिएपछि जेल गएकाको, स्वागतमा जानेहरु राजधानीका विभिन्न सडकमा देखिएका छन् । डिल्लीबजार क्षेत्रमा अहिले पूर्णरुपमा यातायात ठप्प छ । अहिले आफ्नो स्वर्थका निम्ति भ्रस्टचारिलाइ पनि फेरि राजनितिमा स्वागत गर्न्ने जनताले अफ्नो भबिस्य त ख्यल राखेन राखेन तर अफ्नो छोरा नातिका भबिस्यको त ख्यल राख्नु जरुरि छ । भ्रस्ट अनि भ्रस्टाचारि नेताहरुलाइ पुर्न स्थापाना गरेर नेपालको सासन ब्यवस्थाको गुनस्तरमा पनि सम्झैता गर्नु हो ।

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Brief on Concept of Poverty

That poverty is a multi-dimensional concept is beyond dispute. Poverty can be locked upon as a state of powerlessness of a person in abnormally functioning society, as lack of capabilities of this person to fully participate in the normal livelihood of that society, as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society, or as a back of acceptable culture pertaining to that society. But once of the most powerful concepts of poverty is that lack o adequate income to acquire necessary food and none-food items for normal living. Income is important because it reflects command over resources: it can be used as means for a person to get what he/she is lacking.
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