Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy: Academic Paper

cropped-img_7166-copy3.jpgPeople living with or without digital technology have been pushed to enter a first-hand interface leveraging the extensive power of digital technology, pushing the conventional approach of social conversation and remapping actors in terms of negotiating power in social dialogue. Emerging technology has introduced a new way of expression—freedom of expression—and a voice to be heard. Reporting news by anyone or anonymously is an example of freedom of expression leveraged by digital technology; for example, text as an expression in social media. This study explores how digital technology—text, voice, and visual transmission—has challenged the underlying assumptions and distribution of actors not only at the local level but also in international relations, especially observing the freedom of expression as a fundamental right of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, and structural changes in media houses and responders, to meet communication compliances framed within the Media Richness Theory. Information legitimacy and the authorisation mechanism are upcoming challenges in new structural changes. The freedom of expression, structural changes in the media, and information legitimacy should also be viewed through a technical lens, respecting fundamental human rights.

Keywords: freedom of expression, digital conversation, structural change in media, digital diplomacy

This was academic paper published in Cambridge Scholar Publishing, United Kingdom. After two years, I got printed copy and uploaded for public.

Download Paper:Source

  2. Alternate: Free dom of expression in Digital Diplomacy

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