Challenge yourself “leaving no one behind”

Rajendra Man Banepali delivering speech in st. Xavier college.

Kathmandu, 27 April 2019 – While she was working in computer for content of digital library, I was worried about the quality of content. But, she proved that I was wrong. She produced the highest quality of content among our team. One of our colleagues said, “Sanjiya is a member of our team for content development” and I added, “she is special for us.”

When I met her with her mother for the very first time, I was impressed by her determination and aspiration of life. I wanted to work with her to challenge myself whether I may be able or not working with her for my mission of digital library. After one and half years, arranging necessary logistic support, security and plan to work with expected result, I made my mind to work with her. I started to challenge myself with a new beginning.

How to judge whether you are able or not is not a question but how to meet objective with marginalized is an answer for restoring peace.

If someone is “physically challenged” (i.e. visually impaired), s/he has a challenge to lead their life as you lead. It is not obviously easy for them. Instead of saying ourselves able excluding these people, we should accept a challenge to get result of our work including differently able people in our mission. Our ability will be tested when we work with them for them “leaving no one behind”.

I got an opportunity to work with Sanjiya Shrestha and we got a success in the work with bonding as good colleagues. So, I am here today to speak few words from such prestigious floor – St. Xavier College on Saturday, 27th April 2019. Thank you colleagues for your invitation considering me to deliver my speech about your program and leaving no one behind.

Rajendra Man Banepali and Sanjiya Shrestha with her family members.

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