Balkanization and Enclaves: Banning PupG in Nepal?

img_8548-1137344456.jpgCan anyone or government stop accessibility of any content of the Internet if e-readiness is high in the state? Probably it is almost not. PupG was recently banned and porn was blocked few months ago by the authority in Nepal. Stopping and filtering internet contents in specific geo-location is known as Balkanization in which not only content but also any technology might be in corner from population. The question, is it possible to stop on current context in Nepal? It works but there are few things which descale balkanization. There are vividly two factors – 1. Fragility of technology and 2. Economics of technology.

Authority though blocked any content of the Internet, if someone wants to get the content, they can easily break the link getting content using VPN connection and few VPNs are freely available too. Technically speaking, it is hard to censor any content of the internet. There is a way where is the will. There are other many methods to access such content and sometimes Internet Service Providers (ISPs) won’t be able to comply all those rules of firewall due to economics of technology.

Why did not ISPs censor adult content (porn site) out of Kathmandu, especially town connected with Indian border, like Janakpur? This is why the demand of adult content in the world is significantly higher than other. It is the case in Nepal too. Economics of the Internet is heavily based on adult content (not only porn) but also like Gaming content in a big picture.

Balkanization or censorship goes further in coming days with new dynamics and unstoppable activities of enclaves. It is the time to realize the dark page of the internet to manage the Internet for good. Nowadays it is not only a matter of gaming and adult content of internet in Nepal. Sooner balkanization moves further in Nepal marking significant movement in politics when social issues bark in large scale questioning functionality of authority, national economy and national security. This was the case for previous practices of balkanization in the world.

Digital education for people, especially for children, can be included in text book in school and sensitize people with outreach program about dark page of the Internet on their health and social activities. Let them realize not to impose people not to use the Internet for bad. This is for good.

Balkanization of the Internet content – PupG and porn – is symbolic control and exercise of authority on netpolitik which will shape giant and dynamic in upcoming days.



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