Chhap in Cloud | Travel Diary

A house where I ate dinner and asked for lodge for a night.

NUWAKOT, 23-24 February 2019 — She, almost 60, offered tea, thought unknown, on the way when I was returning from paddy field where many women were working for fertilizer management for next harvesting of maize in their field. Her courtesy offer amazingly turned to next offer by Lama dai who noticed me since I reached to that place. It was my travel to village – Taara Goun – of Chhap VDC of Nuwakot adjoint to Shivapuri National Park but like a remote. Not only geography with tushing noise with Himalayan but also culture of villagers are awesome and helpful.

I asked kids about their school. They were in class three and their school is 1.5 hrs far from home. They went school with seniors from their village.

Kids showing their school which is in another village. It takes 1.5 hours to reach the school.

Claiming up for Lama dai’s (brother) house is another amazing moment. I reached to front-yard of his house. I met Lama dai. He said, “Our village is the best place if we have good hospital and school for kids.” I found that lot of kids were preparing for lunch. It was lunch time and mother of Lama dai also offered me lunch. I easily accepted it and sat in line for a lunch with kids. Hands of kids were still unclean after work in field but they had their lunch with spoon. Before having lunch I clicked photos of kids. There were yam (Pidalu in Nepali), beaten rice (Chyura) and home made salty biscuit (Gumro). While having lunch, mother offered me “T”, home made bear on Lama community and called “T”. “No Thanks, Aama”, I said. The kids were so curious taking their photos giving different pose. I also taught them taking photos. A boy specially asked for his photo, I didn’t know that he will be another person I have to encounter for my dinner and lodge in evening. In a way, I was unknown that I would face almost those women next day in the village where I was moving for next adventure.

Front yard of Lama’s house.

A kid with his lovely hands ready for lunch.

I moved to next village Chhap clicking amazing photos of local settlement and himalayan. One the way I came to know that I won’t be able to reach Chisapani today and it would be late evening if I marched ahead to Chisapani. That’s why I asked a Tamang women, 62, for a lodge in her house. She also offered me a dinner with her son, daughter, daughter-in-law and grand son. We had dinner with a lot of gheee ever together and she arranged my lodge at his brother’s – Man Bahadur Tamang – house she said, “her house is not in good condition.” I just went to his house and encountered the same boy who specially requested me for a photo. He had also explained about me to his uncle who was ready to provide me a lodge that night. Everything was going amazing and privilege for me and. Whole day I was full without spending even a single penny . It was just possible with social value and culture we do have that you can find especially in village. But, the village is being empty without youth. I found only kids and elders in village. It is also case in town and cities in Nepal nowadays because of foreign immigration for labour from villages area, study from towns and cities. And my story actually began after a night in Chhap.

My eyes opened early in the morning in front of clear range of himalayan – Ganesh himalayan and Jhakum himalayan which were not clear yesterday. Just after few hours drive from Kathmandu, we can find such beautiful view. It was awesome. Most beautiful part of the morning was breakfast they offered tea with roti. I had breakfast, and I tried to set my journey ahead to Chisapani. But, my destiny wants different again like yesterday.

Himalayan range from Chhap.
Himalayan Range – Ganesh Himalayan.

I got my bike punctured when I was about to move for Chisapani. I asked for air pump to Prem in whose house I had dinner yesterday and Man Bahadur in whose house I slept. Man Bahadur dai also called some villagers but failed to find out the pump for my bike. Someone said, “Maili didi have number of Health Post where might have pump.” I searched Maili didi and found her in a meeting in the village. She was the same women to whom I met yesterday in paddy field. I asked her but she didn’t have telephone number. I was annexed many people for a pump but failed to find out. I decided to returned home with punctured bike and I moved saying bye to all villagers.

A woman asked for a photo with her kid.

When I walked for an hour, I saw a truck coming to me. I signaled truck and it stoped and I asked whether they could give me lift my bike. They were ready with NRs. 1500. I tied up bike and rode the truck. After few minutes, the truck stopped all of the sudden due to leak of gas. The truck was stocked on narrow way. No side for any vehicles, a narrow and tied side for a bike. the road was so narrow and steep road.

Driver and we all tried to fix it but we could not. The driver called someone in Kathmandu and a mechanic was about to come to village. I also decided to help him and took a photo of machine so that I could show the condition of machine to mechanic. I decided to move with my bike to Kathmandu. I untied bike and rode punctured bike till Sundarijal, Kathmandu. After bike’s repairing I went to the workshop about where the driver told me and asked for help. They told me a mechanic with parts had already moved for repairing.

My story was jot yet to finished. I was on the way and reached near to home area. Again my bike was punctured. I was not worry this time since I could find workshop in city easily, in a contrast not like village. I got bike repaired again and got to home in the late evening.

I returner from a village, Chhap, at the back side of Shivapuri National Park which used to be under the cloud, the Chhap village.

This travel was not though awesome but very adventure, interesting and life learning with villagers and situations I faced. That’s why I love to travel on my own way for nothing to good. It is realizing self. I could not explain all things of my travel here. Travel and learn what you cannot learn from the books.

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