Zero Hour

Kathmandu at 5:45 AM

Zero hour where you can search yourself. know yourself. Just None other than you can define yourself and make yourself cool and clam putting yourself into peace; which is not anything else that you can find out searching other way but it is inside yourself. Know yourself and explore the universe into you. You are limitless and make free yourself from template tethered the few people around you.

Move your body and mind as you want and explore yourself as you are in reality not like n illusion but as you are inside rather than other want to see you. Dress up internally what you are and follow your passion, money follows you. Its not matter of money, its matter of exploring life beyond your limit and illusion of reality which never exist. Reality does not exist. We deemed in front as reality what we have but the thing is just reality for us and not necessary reality for others like you can not see what I see and can’t what you can if we turned each other. Reality is just an illusion and it does not exist. Be cool and just “Change” is permanent.

(This text was written for my friend to let realize himself.)


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