People Centric Knowledge Management

People are sharing their ideas at Begnas Lake.

Kathmandu, 28 January 2019 — Lifting performance of people in contrast of implementing only technology and preserving institutional memory, in case of institutional knowledge management, are though main folds of knowledge management, without new technology like digital technology knowledge management is hard to speed up as today. Problem is not lack of information, but the problem is selection of information nowadays. Effective knowledge management framework put people in frontline of knowledge to conceive streamlining what they need using appropriate approach.

The framework of knowledge management should be people centric design and technology facilitates transmission of knowledge. People centric knowledge transmission might be effective more using following approaches.

  1. Conceptual approach:
    1. Visiting Center – Improvised library is visiting center where people can study. Establishing physical library is not usually possible. However, small scale of library like corner in colleges and communities are also effective to develop the corner as an interface to relate to people in-person.
    2. Outreach – is another method to approach knowledge for people effectively. The presenter is in center to deliver overall knowledge to audience with and without technology. Discussion in outreach is important to sharpen knowledge in different dimension which can lead ideas in holistic approach.
  2. Technological approach:
    1. Digital Library – in multiple platforms like in website and mobile is visiting center in digital age. The system should be designed using people centric approach in which User Interface (UI) should acquire perception as human friendly rather than mechanical. Contextual search, voice-over search for all content of digital library, thesaurus and dictionary in developing meta-data for digital assets and tracking activities of users play significant role in knowledge management using technology. Contextual search includes not only title or name of digital asset but also environmental settings like place, time and its properties to locate the appropriate resource (knowledge) in search engine. Voice-over search for all content is just an initiation in digital library. However, we can add such initiations to address needs of differently able people. Thesaurus is nexus between multiple words relating multiple meanings for one digital asset. The asset can be defined in multiple ways and thesaurus assists in such mechanism if the thesaurus was employed in search engine. The thesaurus should be well defined and employed during development phase of meta-data of digital assets. Tracking activities of end-users in digital library help for data-mining in future.
    2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – while collecting data from activities of end-users in search engine, the data can be used for further data processing to make decision and even in artificial intelligence engine to iterate research result according to preference of user. Drawing conclusion from log of end-user using different techniques is data-mining which ultimately help to execute decision in AI engine for knowledge transmission using email. Such decision gains maturity with gain of data samples from log of end-user.

In overall knowledge management sharing approach using technology also creates multiple dependencies which should be mitigated to resolve complexity in future increasing performance of people at the end.

(This article was written to fill a gap of needful help for knowledge management that I wrote after taking a guest lecture for MBA IT in Tribhuvan University.)



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