Inhibition: Just Observe for Mental Peace


KATHMANDU, 5 January 2019 — Withstanding of internet age, everyone is overloaded by information, the information from social media to text through fastest media. Phone is being smart and man? Man is being dependent more on devices than his wisdom and mental state. Lack of information is not an issue, but a problem is selection of information he needs for his balanced life. Busy schedule, ambition of life, success and failure are barking a man to run without mental peace. Full of anxiety is not only absence of peace but it is sometimes more than scary nodes which root position into depth of our life.

It is not an imagination. It is a fact. I got interruptions frequently from people, they deeply express their desire for a way to peace. I was speechless since they were already successful people in this world. Materialistic success is though very important in this world, only materialistic success cannot offer ultimate mental peace and without mental peace nothing makes a sense, mental peace and mental stability are a wealth of people, even to gear up new life.

People asked me about way for peace, especially indicating mental peace though they are rich and successful in materialistic life but lack quality life in the absence of mental peace. You, me and all of us are in anxiety as not focusing simple thing but seeking complex phenomena of peace of life. We never try to understand tiny details of life. However, we are running after complexity for a way to peace. It does not mean not to work for your success and ambition in this world, but my article is exploring how to maximize your success and escalate you ambition with peace of life. You are reading this article since you realize that without mental peace you cannot make plan and move ahead for your ambition. Only peaceful mind can achieve and make a history. You are in a line with me on the way to peace of mind. I am still practicing and learning. And I found tremendous benefits of being in that state. I would like to share about a way to peace of mind.

Peace of mind means only observing. Evolution of man from ape in history told about his observation and reaction accordingly. Obviously, a man/woman (human kind) observes and evaluate to react. After observation anything when you evaluate, the evaluation might fall under emotion of happiness (agree) or sadness (disagree), and you response accordingly. In the process of “Observation, Evaluation and Response” anxiety rules your mind. The most difficult task in this world is just observing since human cannot help to evaluate in his entire life and reaction adds additional anxiety since reaction is manifesto of your internal desire which is very harmful sometimes. We all are in this vicious cycle every day. We never set our mind free for a moment. Then without mental peace, how can constructive and innovative actions constitute sequences in our life? Set your mind free from any evaluation and reaction. Just try to observe for few minutes a day. You will find a new version of your soul immediate after a simple practice of meditation. Probably, morning time is the best to practice this method or any time you can do.

Spending few minutes for meditation can fasten your work double or thrice or more than that. It depends on your practice. Meditation is also scientifically proven for mental peace and spiritually it is ultimate tool for your productivity of life.

Many people asked me how to practice meditation. What to imagine in meditation? I just answered that “do nothing, just observe.” Observation is powerful tool of human being for knowledge and source of wisdom. Our ancestors also practiced the same. They just observed and became the Buddha. Smile. This article does not aim to set you on the way of the Buddha, but it is trying to propose a set of method to boost up your productivity for your success with mental peace.

Before starting meditation or any such spiritual practice, your trust plays vital role for effective result. Silos between your mind and your act does not make any sense. That’s why again, just observe my words and practice. Spending few minutes for mediation doesn’t seize your property. Practice once and if you don’t realize any benefit, you may leave.

Practicing mediation is all about psycho-cybernetic process. It is re-engineering yourself. It is a process of knowing you and yourself (self). We could talk in detail on psycho-cybernetic later. After the practice you will be able to understand detail of your life and your activities and can set priorities effectively in your own, not from other’s perception. Your positive energy from the practice can also touch your family and network positively which is very essential in your life.

Let’s check detail procedure of re-engineering your mind, mastering your mind for mental peace.

15 Minutes Observation Practice

  1. Trust yourself and believe whatever you are doing from now onwards.
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  3. Take three long breath and breathe regularly.
  4. Just observe your breath while breathing in and breathing out.
  5. Take a breath and observe again – Your mind might fly and imagine a lot of things like all affairs from around the world. Let it go on your mind and do not enforce to stop, but when you realize that your mind is out, take a long breath and observe your breath again, just observe and observe.
  6. Practice following above steps for 15 minutes daily. Increase 5 minutes practice daily up to an hour as you can. Please don’t enforce your mind.

Ending up this article, it is just a beginning. Lead your life with added value. If I must mention about the state of observing, it is an equanimous state which ultimately contribute productivity in our life and awaken mind to know yourself for ultimate happiness. It is a method to keep yourself into inhibition state. And please take this article as reference only for awakening your mind with spiritual value which contributes betterment for a success and an ambition in your life ahead.

All the best and wishing you good luck!



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