Madi: The Last Valley at the Line | Travel Diary

Capturing Rabina’s pose. “Silos”

Madi, Chitwan, 30th December 2018 — With many to do list, Madi was into my list since the last few years. It is not because of traveling new places but notwithstanding of curiosity and passion to know local culture at the border. Traveling the valley with family was phenomenal experience for quality life which ultimately turned me into new experimental traveler knowing new place.

News and few articles about Madi were hitting my mind since few years and wondering to travel Madi which is surrounded by dense forest of Chitwan national park and Churebhabar range as the last valley at the border of Nepal and India. The interesting fact is that just 7 years ago the connecting bridges at Kasara and at Madi village were built and before bridge villagers were forced to cross the river to reach village. Madi is a very special village with distinct connecting factors of international border too.

Most people in Madi are Tharu who are indigenous people of Nepal. They have rich culture and distinct food habit that we came to know when talking with them. In Paush 15 (December 30) and Magh 1 (January 15), they prepare POKA to eat as their food culture. Poka is made of steamed rice wrapped by leaf, called “Bhura” and baked in a mud-pot on firewood. Not only food culture but also, they are very sensitive for neat and clean. Population of people from hilly area of Nepal are also significant in Madi like a friend of my wife.

Villagers depend on agriculture for bread, youths in international migration and few tourism enterprises are being developed. New administrative structure of Nepal with municipality is local government with full authority for development and I found Madi Municipality is in full swing to develop Madi as a new tourism destination with master plan along with constructive political intervention within few years. Few resorts like Madi Village Resort and Shanta Home Stay are contemporary tourist’s stops in Madi village and small but awesome waterfall is also beautiful site scene as described by one of the villagers. It seems very interesting to revisit Madi revealing its history.

Thousands of year ago, Madi was full of pilgrimage and sage. Guru of Tharu community had super power and that the guru used stone boat to surf around Madi lake at that time. The sages had their own history of bravery contributing human kind at that time. We visited Someshwor Ghadi of Nepal which is near by border of India and Nepal. It is pilgrimage area in Madi. Someshwor ghadi, sometimes known as Someshwor Kalika temple, is also sometimes described as tensed area due to conflict, raised by religious intervention, between people.

Every year, about 80,000 Indian visit Kalika temple at Someshwor ghadi for pilgrims during March. Money of pilgrimage always creates tension between Nepalis and Indian during festival time, March, in ghadi. Not only on this issue, conflict occurs in Someshwor about border. The Sowmeshwor is at the top of Churebhabar range.

During armed-conflict in Nepal, a bomb in a bus also killed many persons in Madi.

Madi is very awesome and naturally beautiful place to travel for peaceful journey. I recommend travelling with family and friends. The travel provides you an opportunity to explore preserved local Nepali culture just beyond the international border.


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