Kathmandu, 25 December 2018 — I found these certificates in garbage around forest area of Pashupatinath while going for jogging few days ago. A boy said that these documents were thrown after death of that person. Some medicines were also inside the plastic bag. Some certificates were well known to people and some had deeply rooted into one’s.

I earned and you also earned certificates like those or you may earn more than that. The certificate is a symbol of your substantial knowledge of a domain which assist you to lead your life ahead you desire. Would it be with you for ever or after death too? Incident above answered me.

Knowledge doesn’t consist in paper, the knowledge as a tool inherits your behaviour to accept what you are for human kind and it makes history after your death.

“Maximize your efforts with knowledge of truth for yourself and influence people to seek path for wisdom through knowledge.”

Above statement seems impossible and ideological only. However, it is more spiritual which draws architecture of peaceful life. If you are putting yourself into the center with your degrees like engineering or like PhD, read above story once again. One should be always empowered by thirst of knowledge for truth which always helps him into his entire life and his inherited behaviour from knowledge for truth stamps him/her making a history forever. Buddha might be currently in your mind, Channakya? Osho? Shivapuri Baba? Maharishi? Sai Baba? and a lot. Millions of followers don’t know their certificates, they are certificate themselves for human kind. Earn certificates, earn degrees, earn PhD and inherit yourself to seek the truth for human kind. Transformation for human kind with degrees is essential. Otherwise, 9/11 pilots were also educated and earned many certificates from furnished school.

Earn certificates for transformation through knowledge for truth.


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