One Day Class in #Mithila – Trust Yourself

Rajendra Man Banepali and Manisha Kumari are in with students with Shree Janata Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Mithila.

JANAKPUR, 9 December 2017 — Mithila (Janakpur) was not the first time for me. But, I found #Mithila clean and improving in term of infrastructure on my last trip for one day class organized by Teach for Nepal. I was invited to speak in class of Janata Secondary School so that students will get mileage in their further career symbolizing my speech as a new grip of life.

Teach for Nepal is innovative hub with enthusiastic youth working for silos in educational infrastructure of a nation with proven model in other countries around the world. The team is implementing the model localizing for Nepal in which youth are key player to engaged directly to improve quality of education in school. Trained youths teach in government or public schools for two years. Their commitment shows a hope for communities building manpower for a nation. I shared about “the trust” in my one-day class in Mithila.

I shared my life stories which tried to explore life with self-trust to win the game. I geared up my class with a question of “How many of you believe yourself and believe that a body working in a workshop can be an engineer or government official or international civil servant?” Hardly only six students raised their hands with doubt. While sharing my stories, they were starting to raise their hands. While I was about to end my class I again asked the same question and I found all raising their hand believing themselves and ready to move forward as they promised me while taking photos outside of class. People just need to believe themselves to get themselves in new version of life. Trust yourself and move further for your success and success is not a destination, success is a journey, value and faith you earn in your life.

My journey with kids in school was not end. It is beginning of our relation to make things happening in future. I started a remarkable journey with kids and associates of Teach for Nepal which will shape future actions with faith and meaningful result.

About School

Shree Janata Madyamik Bidhyalaya, Belhi Rajoul, Dhanusha, was established in 1980. More than 400 students are studying and most of them are female from marginalized community with low income status. The school has class rooms without proper infrastructure like light, fan and mat for playgroup. 7 computers are not in operation due to lack of human resources. Most of teachers in the school are female staffs and they are struggling for quality of education from their end. There is significant playground for students. However, students are beyond from extra sport activities due to lake of sport equipment. A new building for +2 was been built by new government budget.




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