Sustainable Tourism Development: Self Accountability

4T8A6309 - CopyVisit Nepal 2020, an opportunity for Nepal to exchange culture and Forex, is coming near. Growing tourism is shaping new dynamics with new behavior patterns of tourist with smart phone and technology. New tourism culture is changing the game of conventional tourism in Nepal which leads question to sustainable development to inquire.

Approach of “Affordable” and “Appropriate” are two elements of sustainable development. Any development should be affordable in terms of economic, social and any capacity and should be appropriate for stakeholder for example; If an illiterate woman is using keypad phone and all the sudden she got a smart phone as a gift, will she be able to operate the smart phone? And is it appropriate for her? She is currently not ready afford a smart phone with her capacity and economic status and the phone is not appropriate currently unless she can gradually increase her capacity later. That’s why annexes of sustainable development are economic activities like tourism with sustainable culture.

Tourism is an interface for exchanging culture and skills which ultimately contribute to economics in bigger picture. Only heritage sites do not make full effort to exchange cultural heritage which requires live effort to exchange like cultural program to show up. Saurah in Chitwan National park has cultural program every evening which is preserving culture of Tharu community and generating economic opportunity for local people. Such cultural event is not in world heritage sites which might be opportunities for local people during “Visit Nepal 2020.” Technology can amplify core message of culture and event around the world through different mediums.

Himalayan and the world heritage sites are in risk due to climate change. Himalayan is melting and showing is lesser every year. Lake is being in worsen situation. People from Himalayan has done nothing for blunt of climate change. Who are responsible? All. Citizen, industry, public and government are in big picture. However, one should act feeling self-accountable instead of blaming game. My wife advised me to use cotton bag for shopping and a pot for milk every day. First few months I was arrogant but nowadays I realized how many plastic bags that I save since 2008. She used to say plastic pollute the environment. If I do not take an action now than when? If you are not taking an action, then who? Let’s start from you and me for sustainable development to lead the peace.

Nepal tourism is based on natural resources and heritages which are in center point to maintain for sustainable development. “No lake, no tourism” written on the way to lake side of Pokhara according to Mr. Anil Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank during a program along with me.

(This note was delivered in 4th Intel’ Conference on “Sustainable Mountain Development & Tourism 2018” on 22nd November 2018 at Annapurna, Kathmandu.)

4T8A6349 - Copy
Discussion Panelist.
Receiving token of love from Mr. Basant Shrestha.



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