Aadhabar Hattishar – elephant ride | Travel Diary

PARSA, Sunday, 21 Oct 2018 — Adhabar, Hattishat, formally known as elephant ride, in Parsa wild life reservation is slowly coming into light of international and internal tourists. We also came to know about elephant ride at Adhabar, dense forest, locally known as Charkose Jhadi, three months ago. Adhabar is nearby Amleshganj and 22km far from Hetauda.

A ride of 8 elephants with a calf of six months is opened for public from 7am-8am and 3pm-4pm everyday and rest of hours are for elephant. The cost of a ride per person is NRs. 622. Staffs are also co-operative.

Chitwan is hotspot of wild life followed by Adhabar wild life reservation area with different wild animals. Due to limited infrastructures and logistic supports for tourism, influx of international tourists is very low even in dense and adventure forest of one of the biggest forests in Nepal.

The forest (Jungle) is home of many wild animals like Tiger, Clouded Leopard, Bear, Asian Wild Elephant and etc including various reptiles and types of birds. Fortunately, types of deer and birds were spotted our during elephant Safari. “Morning is best time to find wild animal”, said manhout. We were in evening shift.

The jungle was not the big, it is very big and dense. Almost middle of our ride, we gotta Kaamini Dah with few manmade tower for side scene. On behalf of remembrance of tragedian love, Kaamini Dah is made by a king who had been fallen into love with a girl from Kaami community, and Kaami community was descriminated and excluded by society in those days. Big influx of parrots were spotted nearby Kaamini Dah.

While returning to Hattihar, we found that the ways are still unexplored and we found many amazing gesture of trees in the jungle.

Overall safari was awesome and recreative to my family.

(Video of elephant safari will be published next week.)

Six months old calf with her mother in Hattihar, Parsa National Park.
Beautiful landscape of Adhabar.

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