Voice Over Search Engine in Digital Library

30799940148_564376cd14_k - Copy
Technical preview of Digital Library.

KATHMANDU, Friday, 14 September, 2018 — Imagine what you want and find on your Pam. It seems a dream, but such dreams are transferring into reality. It is a new approach and an innovative idea that I and my team has tried to relate imagination into reality in UN digital library. Just think and speak what you want, UN digital library would prompt available materials in various formats – documents, photos and videos – of information. Concept of voice over search engine has been implemented into the digital library, especially for those people who are very special and differently able to perform any acts of their life. With essence of global agenda 2030 – sustainable development – we tried to accommodate all leaving no one behind. This is still not enough but might be the first kind in digital library in Nepal to try to reach more people through unique campaign of the UN’s knowledge management to preserve institutional memories.

Voice over search is not limited for document search in digital library but also it is used for searching all digital assets of the library. The fundamental concept of the library is to popup options to end-user according to their queries they are seeking. End-user generally never seek any specific format of information or knowledge. They seek for knowledge in any formats like documents, photos, audio or in videos. We tried to acknowledge natural process as we do: ask and get information in available formats. Voice over search engine available only in mobile app extends your ability to search any digital assets of digital library in any available formats.

With few example; asking “Show me Michel Speaking in UN House”, this voice command show you that “Michel”, a person, speaking probably in UN House. Those materials might be in formats of document, photos, audio or video.

People might be thinking how the search engine of the digital library works. With reference of above example, the search engine analyzes queries produced by “voice translating engine”, relates available digital assets of digital library in rank base indexed by full text algorithm and popups most relevant digital assets on the top of search page. In such amazing, scrutinizing of search engine to produce relevant research result, systematic cataloging with appropriate control vocabulary are core governing activities of post-production and secrecy of the digital library.

This is the first kind in digital library sector in Nepal and such system has tremendous hidden benefit to address essence of global agenda 2030 – no one behind – in many ways differently. Second version of the UN Digital Library in Nepal is going launch on Tuesday, 25th September 2018 in Tribhuvan University Central Library, Kathmandu, Nepal. After five years of awesome journey, the journey is going to end for a new beginning with awesome realm.

(UN Digital Library is available on both platforms in web, http://un.info.np and android mobile in google Play-Store. 2nd version will be available only on Tuesday, 25 September 2018.)



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