Volumetric of Digital Nepal and Conflict | Travel Diary

HETAUDA, 26 August 2018 — When I used to teach in Hetauda in 2000/1, I saw very few vehicles and people around the market. Density of population has been increased, traffic jam is usual and rapid urbanization is taking place.

After immediate of people moments and Nepal’s armed conflict in 2062 BS, Tarai was burning and internal displace persons made a reality of today’s Hetauda landscape and it’s shaping differently soon.

Is conflict requirements for changes? Nepal histroy unboxes that there is conflict within 10-15 years for change. What change is coming on.

I specially remember a night in 24th Jan 2004, when I and around my 55 family members reached to Chaugoda, near to Hetauda bazar, for my marriage. We were stopped by army since there was a firing between army and contemporary rebels. We were scared but it was a reality.

I was teaching computer programing in an institute and a college in Hetauda in 2000. I taught technology for development and I am nowadays feeling that I should teach technology for peace and ICT in conflict to people since I see no one is talking about ICT for peace or ICT in conflict in Nepal. Everyone is talking about Digital Nepal without any foreword of conflict analysis.

Not only studying technical conflict in cyberspace but also conflict between human, group and nation also bark infinite analytical requirements in Digital Nepal. It is also a job of researchers and academicians to show resolution for upcoming conflicting scenario as opportunities for authority.

Digital Nepal require new analytical prospectives to move forward.


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