Agile Framework for Everyone

Abhigya Pokharel, NCELL, presenting Agile Framework

KATHMANDU, SUNDAY, 12 AUGUST 2018 — Agile framework only in software or technical companies is exception nowadays. No area is immune from agile influences. Agile is approach of collaborative process for innovation and effective governance through democratic process to discharge effective and efficient service or product to serve. Iteration and incremental approaches are core of agile framework in which stakeholders’ engagement play significant role to shape a furnished result.

Nailing the result in agile framework has standards and principles. It has four values focusing in clienteles’ engagement process to produce sustainable product. They are: 1. Stakeholders’ interactions over process 2. Working on comprehensive documentation 3. Establishing contract though democratic and negotiation process with stakeholders and 4. Adaptability for change following a plan.

In a way, agile framework follows 12 principles which are centric for clientele’s satisfaction and process. The agile framework leads the company/organization to innovation and decreases silos between departments and individuals letting staffs and stakeholders engage in discussion and collaboration. Two key priorities are ability to innovate and become agile mindset.

Company/Organization with agile mindset has distinct staffs and managers who manage and react effectively to change, are empowered and enabled to became active participants in change and use their networks to share information and ideas. Such company/organization is innovative and happy company as author said in a book of “Zero to One.”

Innovative company, like google, has distinct officials who are open to new ideas, regardless of where they come from, are comfortable challenging the status quo and use mistake as an opportunity to learn and improve and work collaboratively, including through cross functional teamwork.

There are thousands of methods for agile framework in which I tried poker method today in an event organized by Agile Nepal on Sunday, 13 August 2018 in Moksha, Kathmandu. However, I have been practicing “Brainstorming and Co-creating Solutions” in my organization for innovative and agile mindset (culture).

(This article is just an introduction of agile followed by another article of a method soon. I have written this short article after attending a program of agile event in Kathmandu which refreshed me what I am practicing in my organization since very long time.)

Pramesh Vaidhya, LogPoint, facilitating agile workshop.



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