Begnas | Katha Majhi – Travel Diary

IMG_0775POKHARA, 29 JULY 2018 — Two boards at another edge were slowly rowing on Beganas lake which is one of silent lakes in Pokhara. After few minutes, I clearly noticed that three students in school uniforms were on a board and another board was rowed by a lady. I captured photos and videos. They reached, tied the board and got out from the board. I spoke with students, the lady, mother of students and a man, father of students and who was rowing board of students. A man had fish and I asked whether I could buy the fish for home. They agreed but I could not hold the fish in my car whole day since it needed freeze to preserve. I dropped the idea of buying fish. They were about to go to school. I helped dropping students to school. On the way, a man, Dil Bahadur Jalari, shared his life, the inspiring life.

This family is living with his father and mother. His children were studying in government school. He does fishing, and his wife holds house. His monthly expense is about NRs. 30,000. I was just thinking how he was managing expenses. He said, “I earn all from fishing.” It was amazing things, I found, when he shared further. He was about to go committee of fishing association for renew his fishing Lisence for Begnas lake. It costs NRs. 12,00 to register or renew Lisence. He must pay Rs. 5 as fishing tax per k.g. if he fishes.

Government school is free up to class then by policy in Nepal. He must pay 12,00 to admit into the school and additional fees for computer classes and exam fee according to our conversation.

Their life style and passion of life was really inspiring. They taught me a lot about art of living together and how to make motion into life with limited resources for efficiency. He also added his additional responsibility of his parents who need serious medication nowadays.

A lady, mother, shared her experience of child marriage which was painful. She tried to return to her father’s home twice while she was 13 years old. She was unknown when she was about to get married. She was in shock of her child marriage as she expressed. But, I found that they were leading their life together for new beginning with their kids not repeating the same mistakes of their life with their kids.

It was amazing awareness in their struggling life, the life which really inspired me unfolding answers of untold question of life with remedy which I was seeking.

Three students in school uniform on board with their parents.
Begnas - small
Begnas lake from upper hill (Rajendra Man Banepali posing in photo).

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