Position, Prospective and Visualization

Position, Prospective and Visualization (Sketch of Rajendra to portrait fraction of thought)

A man, named Pasta, sitting under a dense tree in-front of a big wall, was waiting a postman who was about to deliver his result of selection for a position in a multinational company. Postman was beyond the wall followed by a fox and lion in distance. They were still far, an hour each. He was very worried and thoughtful of his result but not aware of it and its consequences which was attached along with the opportunity, the fox and the lion.

How much he would be happy meeting the postman! And the fox and the lion? This is still a distant reality for him. What about his friend, named Bob, sitting on a top branch of the same tree and watching everything which was coming to him? Bob said a line and went out, “Your future will knock your door soon and handle it carefully.” After an hour, postman gave the result. Pasta was superb happy knowing his new appointment but he was still unaware of consequences. Bob knew what Pasta should do taking the opportunity. But, how?

Because of his position, Bob knew upcoming opportunity and shortcomings too. The position matters, the position of prospective and visualization. The position is not only about authority that you have, the position is also about the power of visualization and prospect. Visualization show you the panorama of future aligning present. When you are in the position, the past is your present and you can describe the future as present as Bob described future as present to Pasta making aware of Pasta’s opportunity and challenges.

Such position is also more than the position of materialist position. It is rather than five sense of organs you have. It is a legacy of gut, subconscious mind or you would like to say. It is beyond what physically you have. It is a calling of your inner mind which direct you to visualize making outlook of future events.

We should visualize upgrading ourselves changing physical location and purifying our mind with stability for preparedness to maximize productivity of life.



2 Replies to “Position, Prospective and Visualization”

    1. Dear friend Ching Chang Jong,

      Thank you for your time and consideration of reading my piece of article. Thank you very much.

      I am sorry for unclear message delivery.

      This is about different prospective of future and life which might be different by changing your place physically or mental status position like sensitivity of conscious mind and unconscious mind. Simply, it is about like SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis, however, this article is about to show how much importance of changing of place in physical or in mental to know the future prospects.

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