Minimalist in Silence – Travel Diary

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MAKWANPUR, 15 June 2018 – Hrikheshwor Mahadev temple, middle of Kathmandu and Hetauda, was not our destination on that day. We stopped since we were in trippy. We want to move for nothing and just travel. The template was 1000 meters through structured steps of stone away from main road. Way seems very cool, moisture and silent place like you are in somewhere else beyond earth.

I felt someone was following us. I saw a dog heavily breathing at my back. The dog over took us. I realized there was settlement of people around us. I searched and a monk, 50, with sister and father was spotted nearby temple when we were returning from temple.

They, originally from Bhutan, had been living there since more than 50 years. They did 8 hours meditation per day. Every family had each separate room and their own kitchen with minimal items they needed. Nobody had any electronics devices like mobile. They were in discreate and distinct life than we have. Their life seemed understated and influx of their activities were simple like plain line of geometry. The question was how they managed money for food and other necessary items for their life in forest.

His answer was so different than I found ever. “Minimal”, he said, “we consumed minimal items what we needed actually to survive. Once you abandon lust, love and hate, you find ways to live. Whatever we have is just a picture (chitra matra). It is temporary which is created and destroyed.” It was amazing for me to figure out his activities in the forest. He said again, “minimalist need nothing less than what you need. Minimalist releases surplus to needy.”

The life, I saw, was simple and separated than we have nowadays. Neither it was ornamented nor decorated with any fancy item, nor it was elaborated by any jargons, nor it was attractive, wow, like the life we have. It seems odd but peaceful life they had.

The life with absence of lust and hate was nothing but Equanimeous experience of life which always leads to peaceful and harmony in life. Minimalist is lifestyle which helps to move towards spiritual success in a life. This was learning from the monk during the trip.

(Video interview with a monk will be released tomorrow on Monday, 25 June 2018.)

Video interview with a monk (Originally in Nepali language)


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