Knowing Self “I” & “me”


School, college and university have taught a lot about the world but either any classes nor any books in those schools taught about self. “I” knows (know) a lot about the world but “I” does not (do not) know about anything else self even after finishing university and doctorate degree.

Who is “I”? “I” is socially constructed image which you accept it as you are. Let’s explore yourself and just tell who you are. Teacher? Doctor? Engineer? Journalist? Who did label you as these tags? Yourself? No. This society labeled you “teacher” or “doctor” or any like those tags. “I” is an ego and it is not self which is even inside of you.

Let’s take an example; suppose while walking on a road, you see a beautiful girl or a handsome man, what would be in your mind? You want to do a lot but you do not act since sudden act might harm your ago – “ethics” or “prestige” or “career” or “value” in society. There are a lot of thing that you want to do but your ego “I” govern(s) and control(s) you – “me” which is internal reflection of “I”.

“I” always agues as conscious mind and “me” – unconscious mind – always act in two ways: pleasant or unpleasant. “I” is constructed by your own experiences of readings, experiencing and other methods where as “me” is realizing self. It might be too early to explain all these things. I shared these powerful concepts with friends since 2012.

Sharing this spiritual value of “Knowing self” is to develop yourself towards wellbeing with compassion and peace. If we could control and understand “I”, we could simplify our life in many ways and get relief from tension. Sometimes many people dig out their own way of problems just due to giving emphasis themselves which is just ego, means “I”. Understanding of who is “I” puts you in equanimeous with equanimity which is path of liberation. But, liberation is still too far just understanding these things. Beginning of “knowing self” obviously put you in buffer zone to move forward for wellbeing in this materialistic world with peace and healthy relationship with people and it provides you happiness which is productivity of your life for a long run.


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