Chetan’s Trust

Rajendra Man Banepali attending conference in Harvard University in 2017.

He knocked a door while I was taking computer class in my computer institute in the morning. He was a student – Chetan –  from grade ten and wanted to learn computer programming in my institute. The institute had limited courses – like fundament of windows and desktop applications and not computer programming since I had not learned yet. That was my limitation too. I had never got a chance to look a book of programming before Chatan showed his school text book. We talked many interesting things during few minutes and I said, “I don’t know about programming yet.” Chetan said, “Please go through this book, study and teach us, we wait for your teaching. I know that you can do it.” He left his text book – “Q-Basic Programming” for me and said, “We will come after three days to learn from you.”

I started reading and found very interesting. It was my first book of computer programming without any teacher and guide but with my soul to support and to guide. I spend 3 days and nights into one room continuously. I just spent 5 minutes for lunch and dinner. When I was programming in computer at night, all the sudden, I felt something burning and my heart got afraid and tried to call for help. Just when I was to open my mouth for a help, I realized that was the first ray of the sun early in the morning on roof of my neighbor. I just realized that I had completed the book and set new horizon of my computer programming skills into new level what was new beginning of my life in computing.

I felt amazing strength that people were waiting to learn from me. That’s why I should prepare myself to build them transferring knowledge so that they could pass the examination. That was trust to me and the truth strengthened me, morphed me. I was not remained one like before. It was transformation of my life in new paradigm.

Since then, I learned how the “trust” is important into our life. Chetan and his friends were though my students of programing, I was just 3 days ahead in the knowledge. The trust shaped me in new phase.

(This is a story of my teen age when I established my computer training institute in 1998/9 for money to support my study in computing. I geared up the institute with limited knowledge and without any computers except old 286 computer which had only DOS and nothing more.)



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