Journey Marks Value

20180421_201021“Bir Yatra (Successful Journey)” is not end of journey. It is just starting like every exit is new beginning of new way. Should you complete the journey successfully, be aware of your essence of your journey. Know the differences among similar rewards like certificates, prize etc. what is exactly difference between any small reward of yours and others’. Reward does not make sense, journey values. Reward is just symbol of your journey.

Should you be success in your life? set your goals for your life and move. When you move on the path and set out for destination, path teaches you, shape you, made you and experience is a capital. You can reach to goal through the path and obtaining things, luxury and rewards are symbolic meaning of your journey. Your experience is a capital which roots a new beginning of your life and learning from the path is real capital.

Once you start the journey, it is half done. Don’t hesitate to start. Move ahead. You will be a winner among the competitors only solving all thorns of the path. Solving skills shape you and made you a winner. That’s why traveling in remote teaches, shapes and sharpens you enough to combat shortcoming of life.

Knowing meaning of fear, insecurity loneliness and failures is a success journey you did and the reward is symbol of success. But, does the reward make you immortal or enough to survive in life? No. Reward is just an object (paper or metal). The trust is important behind the story of reward, the knowledge, personality, maturity and adoptability shaped by successful journey and these values make you immortal and winner.

Rewards, you gained during journey, are not sustainable. Thoughts would be with you every time and an image created into mind of audience by your thoughts of speaker is greater than rewards. That’s why don’t count your life only in numbers but in stories, the stories which inspires people, community and the world. “The materials today you have but it’s not sure it will be on your hands forever and you are also not sure about you will be remain without reward forever.” This was eye-opener statement of my wife when I was in affair with her.

(This article was written when I was observing my awards, certificates and prize concluding my four-years academic journey and listening Chanakya. Those rewards that I got during my different shorts journeys in my life, which always motivate me to work with values rather than rewards.)




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