Digital Diplomacy Sharing in Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Banepali’s Academic Work

IMG_6039 - small
Rajendra Man Banepali presenting academic work in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singhadarbar, Nepal.

KATHMANDU, April 8, 2018 – Digital Diplomacy is a tool to exercise international affairs harvesting national interest using digital technology or for or in digital technology. No area is immune from the technology and under-covered by the digital supremacy. PhD thesis title “Digita Diplomacy – The Internet of International Relations” – of Rajendra Man Banepali was presented in programme organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) sharing output of his academic research work on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

The inspiring and constructive comments and feedback from Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Under-Secretary and officers of MoFA were incorporated to finalize the academic work which also showed further roadmap for digital diplomacy in Nepal. Input from academicians enriched the work focusing on methodological approach and guidance for academic pathway. Formal minister, chairperson of national committees and distinguish guests were presence in the programme.

The sharing programme was also equally important to presenter for constructive feedback to finalize academic work, to ministry for visualization of upcoming new latent direction of diplomatic prospective in digital culture, to politicians and policy makers for rethinking about digital implication in social life and national security. The implication of the study was immensely broadened in three sectors – relationship dynamics, digital supremacy and digital diplomacy.

Rajendra Man Banepali is a PhD scholar of Singhania University, India. Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal is supervisor. His thesis has two important aspects – how digital conflict would shapes in future effecting international relationship dynamics and how digital diplomacy would be able to prevent and resolute the conflict for peace. He is practicing “Knowledge Management” professionalism in international organization over a decade. He worked in various sectors many years like Information Management System in international organization, software engineering in private companies and educational institutes. He is a seasonal public speaker and serves in few national and international committees for social and technological issues. His PhD is triangulation of computer science and social science. He has earned M.A. in Conflict Studies from Tribhuvan University, Master of Science in IT and Bachelor in Computer Science.

The program was concluded with few plans of actions like workshop in digital diplomacy to share prospects of digital diplomacy to personnel of ministry and other related officials.

Following link of attachment is abstract of Banepali’s academic work: RMB – Thesis Abstract

(His book in Digital Diplomacy is coming once his PhD thesis finalized. Please contact Rajendra Man Banepali, email: or, for any further detail.)

Photos of the programme:



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