Puzzle game with kids at home solved my quest


Observing 3-D puzzle with kids at home.

Kathmandu, Monday, 25 Dec 2017 — Son brought 3-D puzzle. He wanted to spend time with me playing the puzzle in weekend. We started to play and spent almost 1 hour 30 minutes to solved three puzzle cards. The last puzzle of dinosaur was hard to solve since it has more than 100 tags to match. We solved the puzzle with thriller and tactics which solved my quest I am trying to resolve in my thesis. I was trying to draw conclusion of my research into my thesis using thematic analysis and the puzzle with my kids made me clear on my work too.

I had brought those puzzle games from just recently travel in USA. There are more than 100 tags to make a complete picture of dinosaur matching each other. First it seems so boring but once we got in to the game we enjoyed. I just used trick of thematic trick (analysis) making group of tags having same attributes as I grouped tags having blue pallet, green pallet, yellow pallet and started to join each other to make picture of dinosaur. Once I made the partial picture, I catered picture grouping of each grouped pallet. Re-grouping of each group made me easier to add few tags into partial picture which made me clearer to make complete picture. My son, 7, also helping me to find out few tags and partially he made it and gave to make complete picture.

I was reading “Thematic Analysis” topic, which has the same tactics as above to analyze and make result of research work, in my academic research these days and the puzzle game did not solve only my academic quest but also, I got a chance to spend constructive time with my kids. I and my kids had quality of time for good moments. It also added values to my parenthood and gave me chance to understand my kids at home in closer view. They need me in this age, my touch and love.

My son is now eager to get his new game of racing car which I missed in Hong Kong airport, transit of my journey from New York to Kathmandu. We hope that the racing car would also taught us novelty soon.

Kids at puzzle making.

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