Geopolitics and the Internet Censoring


Coffee with RAJ series about “the Internet” at Dunkin Donut in University of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island, USA, 1st November 2017 – English class was at 6pm at Quinn hall in university on Thursday. I sat off to class in time and found a student there. On the way to lecture, instructor, Shelley from international center, let me introduce with other few colleagues after they entered. We found the class was very happening, interesting and fruitful. After class new friend, Elif (name changed), from Turkey gave me lift to my apartment along with another colleague, Bo (name changed), from China. Elif promised to meet me for further discussion in our topic on Friday since our research topic was similar.

Elif came to my office and we started to talk about few search work and project working on at our sides and move to Dunkin Donut for a coffee for further discussion. And we also called Bo to discuss further with us. She came after 30 minutes and we started from our own prospects and specially few things from Bo was really hit my mind to think aligning my research theme. Three nationalities were entered international discussion from their own prospect.

Internet content like google, Global Positioning System (GPS), and search engine, were in center point to discuss where I found very interesting linkages to international affairs.

Chinese government has already censored internet contents like google and other applications imposing their geopolitics in international affairs. China is not alone of censoring internet content in their own country. Bo brought me into light again with her own example of Baidu search engine ( in China and immediate I tried Baidu search engine into her mobile searching my name and found a lot of results. Chinese government gave priority to their own product to promote their product. Google was out from china just few years ago.

“China is also in line of lunching satellite for new global positioning in lieu of using GPS which is controlled by USA”, said Bo. GPS device into our mobile ultimately connects satellite and the service comes with cost which is included into mobile purchasing cost during production. Most people might not aware of the costing. China is lunching Compass/BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (CNSS) to replace GPS in China. China has already lunched Baidu map ( to replace google map.

Balkanization rules geopolitics in china sending google in home and giving priority to their own product in our territory.

Turkey has not Balkanization and everything is accessible. “No censoring in Turkey”, said Elif.

Our discussion concluded with happy smile on our face with further discussion soon and we sat off to our apartment.


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