Travel diary: cyberspace or mailbox morphing your presence in USA

Mailbox was spotted while returning from cycling in Bolton.

BOLTON, MASSACHUSETTTS, USA 12 November 2017 – Digital technology is in sky kissing nowadays, especially in developed countries like United States of America. However, is it possible to send your credit card in email? Debit card? Your gadgets from online shopping? And even simple items of kitchenware? Probably, once man starts to live without materialistic items, physical credit card and any physical item won’t be necessary in their life. But, is it possible without material matters in our life? The question begins when I was roaming around Bolton, nearby Boston with my friend.

Bolton, approximately 5000 populated, is a town in Worcester County, eastern Massachusetts, located 25 miles west-northwest of downtown Boston, United States.

I and my friend were cycling on that morning and my eyes was just observing mailbox which is very common in USA. But, the mailbox was telling me a story, the story of human need in digital culture. Most people in developing countries think that developed country like USA has everything is in digital system. However, we forget simple phenomena of nature and limitation of contemporary technology. Mailbox is still basic communication mean in USA facilitating manifolds activities of people.

Digital culture is not still matured to replace mailbox and replacement has go to a long way to beat a human nature and nature itself. Why mailbox is in its best form barking its unconditional functions. The unparalleled function of mailbox is verification of person’s physical identification and rest of the other functions are symbolic limitation of contemporary digital technology.

Mailbox in USA is also used for delivering government letters, credit card, debit card, mails and credit history. Most people also have trust in mailbox than email due to security issue. Most government entities use mailbox system for physical verification and send mail for further communication.

The challenge of delivering mails and goods is still under quest to solve. I found that government is in line of implementation of drone to deliver goods and mail to mailbox. But, it should go long way to accomplish as people need. Security issue and conflicting issue of drone flying in private space might be major issue to consider in drone delivery project. But, it would be startup for new beginning and computer scientist and social scientist together should take initiation.

In computational project like drone delivery project, social scientist would contribute to analyze social behavior of people which ultimately help computer scientist to design business process of technology accordingly. The better world is only possible growing together.



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