New paradigm of researchers in University of Rhode Island

Rajendra Man Banepali in front of Library at University of Rhode Island just before discussion with graduate student and Prof. Joan Peckham.

Rhode Island, USA, 10 November 2017 — Today’s observation, 10 November, affirmed that researchers in University of Rhode Island (URI) is moving differently, one-disciplinary to multidisciplinary drawing new knowledge. Not only computer scientist is doing research on like data or algorithm development but also researchers from social science, statistics, math, civil engineering, physics, biology and many faculties are engaged together for collaborative work in URI.

While working together like in collaboration communication and understanding of domain knowledge is prominent obstacle between groups and set of rules or protocol of communication are major issue to be clear in collaborative work. Prof. Joan Peckham is playing a vital role in such communication in URI to push forward such research together.

She is also working in social values and social issues together with computer science which is good for all. He talked about empathy, the story from Danish, in which how the empathy is linked to technology and vinylogy of the technology into mindset of kids of Denmark and Germany. More than 81 per cent kids in Denmark and 60 per cent Germany use electronic gadgets and the research showed that kids using electronic gadgets less stable or have empathy than kids not using electronic gadgets. Empathy is another value which leads a human into peace, the research said. And this is nowadays spreading widely around the world.

In a way, I found multidisciplinary researchers gather in on set to draw new knowledge in collaborative way. This is another dimension of research work that we have also to learn from URI.

Prof. Joan Peckham in discussion with graduate student in University of Rhode Island.

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