Technology as a fire whether to use to burn candle or to burn village: a talk in University of Rhode Island

Graduate students discussing after a talk of Rajendra.

Rhode Island, USA, 9 November 2017 — Seeking chance of failure of technology is a kind of preventing future consequences tensed by technology, the consequences – humanitarian crisis or technology crisis. It is also wide idea to identity potential latent future conflict tensed by digital technology so that we could take measure to prevent those conflicts for better world and smooth technology implementation.

Discussion with computer science graduate of University of Rhode Island was symbolic discussion of way forward towards my research area. The discussion was about technology and society in which I got a chance to make my own statement and had exchanged ideas with graduate students sharing Nepali local experiences.

American prospective of technology implementation and Nepali prospective though have significant gap, those prospective would end to social phenomena that who we could make better world with technological advancement. That’s why the study of social science was also include in computer science so that computer science could also work with ethics for society.

In my session, I talked about how digital technology could be used not only for good but also for bad. I drew a picture of wide horizon of technology mesh-up which could be address today to prevent digital conflict in future, the conflict is not limited within individual but also going to expand national and international actors rendering their social calendar.

Society America society has already started to think in way and when Nepal would think the way for better future. However, it is still distant dream for Nepal, is in primitive stage to implement the technology for automation in private and government offices. Even, these issues are not brought to light in e-governance in Nepal. However, it is call of present to bring it in light to prevent future digital conflict in Nepal.

Following the session, students also talked about computer science certification from recognized body like council. Putting my statement, the certification of computer science for specific area would help student for nothing since computer science in future might be linked with any area. However, in a connection of certification by authority, the certification should have component of ethics and principle of computer science rather than only content of application level.

The conclusion drawn was about how technology can be employed for humane in future. Prof. Dr. Joan Peckham has lead moderated the session. I would like to thank to Joan for her immensely kindness and trust to me. Thank you, Joan.

A talk topic was from one of the chapter of the above book.

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