Talking about Digital Diplomacy in Columbia University, New York

20171104_130714New York, USA, 4 November 2017 — A magnitude of digital technological based on cloud influences in social calendar of persons, society and state living with or without digital technology exposes digital supremacy which is rendering social conversation in new forms – linear conversation, and disruptive conversation. Scheme of conversation makes sense of relations among social actors – state and non-state actors. New media is witness of digital mediation nowadays. Aiming with exploration of framework to compute digital supremacy in terms of social calendar simulation by digital technology and decision-making power in International Relations (IR) aligning social relations among people and society in ground reality, this work has gone through two manifolds – social constructivism reflecting multiple realities generated by digital technology and de-constructive analysis of conversation text with semiotic analysis tool. Indicators mapping of digital supremacy with prominent framework is result of the research at least which identifies elements with significant influences in conversation. Measuring degree of digital supremacy with solid framework is though very challenging job, this attempt contributes especially implementing ad designing cloud technology considering both good and disruptive powers of digital technology in social activities.

The paper has specifically talked about digital public diplomacy and technology advancement in pollical and national interest embedding theoretical background of computer science and international relations. The work is triangulation of both disciplinaries to get new ideas.

I had presented this paper in a conference of Smart Cloud in Columbia University, New York in 4th November as a part of research degree. The paper would be published in IEEE soon.




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