Columbia Diary: Saudi Arabia has good respect to girl and woman

20171104_131704 - small
Rajendra and Saudi Arabian colleagues at Columbia University, New York.

New York, USA, 4 November 2017 — “Raj, you are not only one but may people around the world have wrong perception about female of Saudi Arabia”, she said during our talk in conference at Colombia University, New York. Her another colleague also said, “We are happy with our culture and we are not deprived within our culture.” They are from Saudi Arabia. Wondering to know about the culture of Saudi Arabi was not less than enlightenment for me. I was wrong and she put me into correct path.

She said, “Female in Saudi Arabia is not dominated and without accord of a girl nobody could enforce to get married. Even after marriage my brother is taking care me and my kids in America. I am getting grant from my government here and it’s more than enough.” The interesting thing is that she doesn’t want to take photo but it is not because of fear of society but is about matter of deep respect and faith of religion.

While talking ahead in a break of conference, I requested them to take their photo with me but differently. I know I would face rejection of taking photo so I decided to take photo from backward showing statue at open theater of Columbia University. That was wonderful idea in which they agreed.

It wound be easy to understand those values of Saudi Arabia has unless traveling such as I am nowadays. Exchanging ideas and talking with people equally open a way for knowledge and wonderful balance of world out of the box. Travel to understand the people and their culture making wide-mind.



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