Free Medicare: Why You Should Forgive – Rabina’s diary in school days


“He, who cannot forgive, will break the bridge from where he himself must pass.”

Kathmandu, 14 October 2017 — Eyes opened as usual at 5 am, hugged her, pressed and stepped up to Kitchen for warm water. I found an old diary and ripped on floor in Kitchen, picked up, put on table. I recognized her handwriting, could not help not reading the text and spent half an hour with such genuine and eternal words she had written in school days. The text affirmed the philosophy and idea we shared each other since our beginning, 2000.

Center theme is “Forgiveness” – why one should forgive. Forgiveness is also scientifically (psychologically) proved as one of greatest medicine of happiness and progress in human race. What if you cannot forgive him? It is just an anxiety in your mind. An anxiety, harmful chemical in blood, rules your body 72 hours once it emerges in your body. Increasing frequency of such chemicals in our body is source of complexity in our health like gastric problem and blood pressures. Ultimately, you find yourself in trouble. Why don’t you forgive him then? Be selfish at for health and forgive him. Isn’t it amazing way to be happy rather than irksome life?

To most people I found, it is not easy and sometimes, I found people are moving with ton of greed and grievances destroying their whole life. But, there are few ways to be free from such anxiety. The one way is to learn how to forgive him. You can initiate understanding context in which he is rather than understanding him directly, feeling compassion and connectedness with every creature around us. You can embed this learning in your yoga or in meditation daily as I proposed one in another article. Learning to forgive at least for 21 days brings you in new world of peace and you won’t find you the same after learning this technique of life hacking.

Anxiety is stone on your way and your vehicle can not move ahead without moving out those stone from the road. Get rid of those individual from your mind for yourself and move ahead for a new beginning. Getting rid of anxiety from your mind gives you the new productivity of life – happiness – which is very essential for next level of life. Turn wall of anxiety into bridge from where you hath to pass through. Only getting something is obviously happiness but temporary, contributing something to community is ultimate happiness of life. So, don’t count your life only in numbers but in stories, the stories which inspires life, community and the world.

(Rabina Gorkhali is better-half of my life and I just tried to textualize her lines of diary in school days aligning philosophy of life that we are learning. I found her unparalleled knowledge of understanding life and human race today. “Him” the text, here, denotes a human being. Saturday, 14 October 2017.)


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