SDGs and my life

Rajendra Man Banepali is speaking about SDGs and life in National Youth Conference.

Kathmandu, 15 August 2017 — Public speaking is my seasonal activity. I learn. And feel associated and connected with people sharing knowledge in a platform. In a way, I spoke about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating my stories of life with 200 youths on the floor moderated by Nepal Youth Council on Saturday, 15th August 2017.

I related each sustainable goal of 17 goals with my life interestingly since only listening SDGs goals gives audience boring situation and it might be interesting for youth like I found in the program. I shared them my stories related to each SDGs and consulted their stories as well. This process of exchanging ideas and stories was interesting and very much useful tool to know each other in better way.

I also talked about “comfort life” and “happiness” of people which is ultimate objective of SDGs during my session. Happiness is productivity of life and it is not only getting something, which is short term happiness, but also giving something back to the community is long term happiness which can be stolen by no one. Partnership with youth and students was one of win-win situation of my professional life to accomplish ambitious project of digital repository in which I got an opportunity to serve people of Nepal along with my interns.

In a way, I found every moments and activities are related with SDGs, like sharing SDGs and my life with audiences who want to hear me. Sometime those speeches seem inspirational according to individual feedback after my session.


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