The Internet vinylogy in our mind #net4good

20161128_161213Kathmandu, 30 August 2017 — The last indie feeling of vinyl life in information age is vivid myth for most of people who are in anxious and in falsified night mare with their outdated model of reality. They are not taking any action though I found most of people are well informed and know almost all they need.

A story I found with a friend, executive management graduate, when I got a change to visit his company after a long time. The last time, 6 years ago, when I met him in his office it was growing up but this time I found him along squeezed into single room. During our conversation, he seemed defensive and normative presenting himself as knower of most of things. I put query about his growing plan rather than squeezing company into single room. He immediately said, “Yes, I know that it’s necessary and should grow the company well with good initiative and projects. Yes. Increasing human resources too.” Really, he knows all those things and it was not necessary even to advise him. But, my question was “Why he is not taking action?”

“There is a video in YouTube of RAM Baan (archery) of six pack of your body.”, said one of my colleagues during toilet. He also told me the name of exercise and video name. I had a same question “why he is not taking action for himself?” He is bit fat and had big belly. This incident was of few years back.

I found most of people having many information within a day and talking about a lot of different issues and matters. Do those information work for our life or is it creating tense environment for quality of life. Balancing and filtering information are necessary foot steps to be taken for quality of life. One of my friends said, “Information is moving over a head nowadays and losing patient of reading books and could not concentrate while in the Internet.”

People go through many issues and information within daily activities through the Internet but people are not still successful or not still happy in their daily life. They seem in tense. Wet. Two things – trust over information and unhappiness are two manifolds of lack of success type.

Thousands of information we go through daily but we trust only few issues and would take an action for our study, career or business. But, what rest of the information would do in our mind. Most of that information might be disruptive and might negatively impact in productivity. Careful balancing for new productivity of life is very important in information age nowadays.



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