The Hidden Treasury is “Resetting Your Mind”

Getting a nap in open air.

She was pressing her arms time and again at the roadside of Khasan Road, Bangkok, Thailand while serving foot massage to foreigners at public area in December 2016. My observation went for more than an hour and turn by turn she served foot massage to people hanging around there. My meaning making machine thought and asked a question. She was erasing pain of all foreigners but who would erase her pain of arms and mind. I went to road side for a foot massage and she offered her service at 100 Batt. “Okay”, I said and I also offered my free foot massage service to her paying 100 Batt for her service too. She agreed and after my foot massage. With her permission, I started foot massage.

I was aware of respecting woman’s integrity. She felt relaxed and found very calm. After a few moments, she asked for head massage if I could move forward. I did. I found she felt amazing relaxation during foot massage and especially during head massage. I did it because of gratitude feeling humanity as one. Immediate her friends in line of doing massage asked for my massage and I did massage for other three women at the road side. In addition, I shared mental relaxation method so that they could balance mental and physical body for new productivity in their life. The mental exercise that I shared with them was about resetting mind with gratitude and forgiveness. When she practiced meditation at home, “I found new person within myself today”, she said next day. I began to share that technique to friends and into my network. Most of people discovered new one within them after the technique of resetting their mind. I found such connectedness with people by impetus of learning from gratitude and forgiveness during my meditation which is “resetting mind” for next level of life we have.

It is also scientifically proved that gratitude and forgiveness are medicine of eternal happiness of life and happiness ultimately contributes for new productivity of life. I have altered conventional meditation practice that I am practicing for quick relief and resetting the mind for new productivity of life. Here it is:

Be seated at peaceful place and close your eyes and follow these steps:

Take a long and deep breath and longer, at least three times and feel relax thought out your body. Feel your scarp, your forehead, your eye-land, your face, your neck, your solders, your upper arms, yours hands, your chest, your doom, your feet and get relax of your body. Now you are in your deep relaxation.

  1. Feel your consciousness. Mostly you could feel in your head and surrounding. Visualize a light is emanating around you and your whole body. Think of anyone in your room or in the building, think of neighbors and friends, think of your area, region or country and the world and feel yourself and the world. Spend few moments to feel every living thing around you… Get ready for next step.
  2. Think about five to ten things, which works for your professional and personal life, that you felt happy and great within 24 hours or within this week. Feel them through your five senses – touch, images, sound, sense and smell. Spend two minutes to feel those moment with passion. Give thanks to all of them and love them and take few moments to feel them through you five sense of life.
  3. Visualize and think about few people who corrupted your mind or betrayed you or your hate or disagree within 24 hours or within the week or in your life. Feel them through your five senses – touch, images, sound, sense and smell. Forgive them and ask for forgiveness what you might could do wrong for them or what you might think wrong for them. Feel them through your five senses – touch, images, sound, sense and smell and learn forgiveness that it is easy to do. Spend 2-3 minutes to practice this and think super power of your life — like mother and father or God to bless you. Think they are blessing you for your life in next level.

Now you are about to end of your meditation with inspiration and new self-image for new productivity of your life in next level. Practicing this approach at least for 21 days turns into your habit and the habit turns into your behavior and attitude.

I came up with this technique learning from various personalities traveling different places and reading books of Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, Maxwel Maltz and Vishan Lakhiani.

Monastery where I meditated during my visit in Thailand.
Exchanging culture and values with AJ Hight, formal US Army, in Khasan Road, Bangkok, Thailand in Dec 2016.

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