Travel Diary – “Chitra Matra” philosophy lecture by Buddhist saint on cycle trail through Kapan Height

Walking through Pullahari monastery at Kapan Height.

Kapan Height, KATHMANDU, 24th June 2017 – “Chitra Matra”, he said to me. He explained meaning of “Chitra matra” according to Buddhist philosophy. He has studied only Buddhist philosophy thirteen years in Kalingpoong. He seemed every gentleman and had unexpected calmness within style while talking with people. I have learned a lot from him. I met him at Pullahari Monastery on the way of my short cycle trail through Kapan height.

Kapan height trail is very amazing trail for those who love short trail for peaceful and gentle life. It starts from Kapan nearby Chabahil of Kathmandu. I got the best option of cycle and followed the route. Initially, my plan was to ready the first monastery to few chant for peaceful meditation where I had visited 14 years ago. I was in shock that nobody was  allowed inside the monastery. I saw other two more monastery ahead but found narrow walk path to follow.

Heading towards next monastery, I experienced beautiful scene of Kathmandu aerial view including three districts – Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. I found very cool path with nice views and there were few shops. On the way, I found one café and guest house which was very cool and you can find out very nice view of Kathmandu from window. The specialty of the café is very local and simple, even a menu was prepared by hand-written style. It was really awesome. I also found one book – “Breath” – in the bookshelf and I read half when having hot lemon in the café. I saw another monastery near by the café. I tried to go and asked the owner of the café whether I could enter but public was not allowed to enter into second monastery too.

Moving ahead for third one, I found a small forest and way to third monastery where I met and Tempa (officially – Karmasherap Gurung) – a Buddhist saint. When I reached to Pullahari monastery, I found it was like a heaven. I found a café inside the monastery. It was nice and cool. After few stalling around the monastery garden, I went to office of monastery to ask about courses they have since I wanted do few meditation classes there. I found there were two special classes – meditation and philosophy. I was very happy knowing philosophy class nearby my locality. It was an amazing stuff for me. One of the teacher (Buddhist saint) ordered his junior to guide me showing library and other arrangements for students there. I was just in position to inquiry but I was privileged to know all about it. Classes would be started in September and November only. However, I was about to start at least one class there. I followed his student – Dorge Lama, a Buddhist saint, towards library and I found the library very happening place  where everyone can seek for knowledge. The environment was such a happening for me. He also explained  about one of the philosophies – “Chitra Matra” to me. The meanings behind his words were amazing and still very far my mind and thoughts.

After few discussions with the saint, I kept my own way to home through Gokarna forest heading to Pashupatinath temple. In a way, I completed my six hours cycle trail on Sunday with full learning for my health and body. In every trail and travel inside my country or outside the biggest thing is that I learn many awesome things of life than I have ever learned in my entire life in school. The mobility in life is necessary indeed.

Rajendra with a Buddhist sant posing way to Library of monastery.

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