Sharing: Success Mechanism Even for Small Goal of Our Life

Sharing with 1600 plus youth in Ratriya Sabha Griha on Thursday, 8th June 2017.

KATHMANDU, Thursday, 8th June 2017 — Fighting into battle, whether you win or you learn. Nothing is west, but it the way how you construct those ways to turn your dream into reality in your life or your voice is to be heard by the rest of the world. It turns into reality following success mechanism.

Success mechanism is psycho cybernetic process of your mind – subconscious mind – and your conscious mind. Success mechanism (or impact theory) has three questions which we have to ask to ourselves each time during our struggle. They are 1.) Who do you want to be – Goal? 2.) How do you want to get those experiences – Method? and 3.) What would you contribute to the community – contribution? Here, we are going to explore about success mechanism which is not likely for life bur it is for few goals settings or project work or long term projects of our life.

Who do you want to be? – Goal

Every time, just ask who you want to be rather than what do you want to be. Listen to your heart and ask what experiences you want to get into your life. And visualization is important while asking those questions to you. As human being, we overestimate what we could do within one year but we underestimate what we could do within three years. So, do visualize yourself where you want to see within three years not only in terms of career position or professional career but also in terms of who would be your friends and colleague to whom you want to spend time, financial status, your family and love life, feeling relax and peace of life. While fixing the goals, don’t listen to naysayers. Set your goal what you want by heart. Once my father don’t let me leave my mechanical workshop while I was trying for education and careering in IT field. Rather, he asked source of finance to study computer science. I was just 17 years. But, that question enforced to visualize my dreams which translated me into the path of achieving goals. In a way, visualization of a boy morphed from mechanical workshop into United Nations personnel. However, the journey is just being to grow and contribute to the community. The journey was not easy it was hard and going though dark life few times. Let’s see method of the success mechanism.

How do you want to get those experiences? – Method

Most of people works on goal settings and think about what they want to be but don’t give priority to method how they want to get those experiences and lost into their way. We should be clear on method how to get those experiences that we set as our goal.

Few thinks like happiness is like a medicine of success mechanism. Try to be in present rather than traveling around past and future. Don’t try to seek your happiness into an object or materialistic thing of this universe. Your happiness vanishes along with demising of those objects. Mental happiness can be cultivated through few mechanisms like gratitude and forgiveness which are powerful instruments to be in peace of life. Thank for everything to everyone surrounding you and forgive all. Learn. Gratitude and forgiveness are easy in life.  Feel enough, automatically your subconscious mind leads to your goals. Being happy state of mind, try to do small-small things.

While trying to do those small things into your life don’t afraid to fail. If you try to attempt, either you win or you learn. You never try means you don’t learn anything else. Fail to learn. Walk, and fall but stand up again learning something strong which input for next attempt to make success. Don’t country your failure to make unhappy yourself but learn from those failures. I failed in 3 class and very bad student till 7 classes. After school leaving certificate, when I tried to do job in school, I dropped my 60 applications along with my resume but nobody called me and many more failures. Among 185 UN applications 184 are unsuccessful and one was successful. That’s why I am in this position. Unless and until you don’t realize to work harder than ever nothing would work into success mechanism.

I used to do 18 hours programming and it was my regular practice and was my passion of life. If you do same thing at least for 21 days, it turns into your habit. Practice and keep on doing those things to train your subconscious mind so that the subconscious mind automatically guides you toward the goals ever.

Patient, trust building and healthy relations with people are essential elements of success mechanism. Develop patient, skill to work in team with healthy cooperation with people. Building trust into group, you would lead the team for one goal for needy people. That was a case into my career in United Nations that I got a chance to lead the ICT task force for three years. That was nothing except trust building and team building. These elements lead you to goals but still few things are in gap to make success. That is contribution to community.

What would you contribute to community? – Contribution

After all we are in this society and along with your own wellbeing; other should also get equal opportunity to be exposed into the world. Achieving goals, contribute some back to the community, giving credit to team and contributing to the community from your end give you ultimate happiness into your life. Share it, think of community. We are here in this society or in this world to face problems together, to build our world together. Because the reality is we are in it together.

Dhanyabad !

(I have delivered this speech in a programme of Himalayan White House International College, at Pragya Pratishthan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu on 8th June 2017. It was amazing experience with 1600+ youth in front of me in the hall.)

Youth cheering up !!!
Accepting token of love from Mr. Yuvraj Sharma, president of White House International College.

One Reply to “Sharing: Success Mechanism Even for Small Goal of Our Life”

  1. Feeling proude to be a student of a guru with golden thought
    Your thought always inspired thousands of failure to lead their life towards success
    Always ignite the life of people with your worthy and inspiring thoughts

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