Why would you miss Ghandruk Trail?

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Yet researching for an answer. #Lost in #Transition. (On a way to Ghandruk)

GHANDRUK, 26 March 2017 – This second trail of Ghandruk with family and kids opens new thought of enjoyment and happiness in my family. The new thought is about how to feel you in nature – Himalayan, village and new way of expression of locals. We started our trail from Hari Chowk of Pokhara by bus to Nayapul of core trail to Ghandruk.

This trail to Ghandruk with kids was in my mind when I was in Ghandruk on foot of 7-8 hours for a research with my colleague in December 2011. It came to reality in March 2017. We had zip vehicle for 3.5 hours from Hari Chowk to the place before 1 hour on foot of main Ghandruk area.  We started our journey with full energy.

We reached main area with 1.5 hours. The main area is tourist friendly and full of lovely view. You can find out many hotel and home stay small lodges in economy. We directly went to the same hotel where I stayed with my colleagues last time in 2011. The hotel is “Ashis Aama” hotel which is very good in hygiene and services. In addition, it is also good to get nice scene of Himalayan from the front yard of the hotel. The wonder of this hotel – Aama – belongs to Gurun community. She and her assistant are gentle and very nice in services too.

Gurun community is one of the symbolic communities of Ghadruk representative big population of the area. One of the settlements of Ghandruk of Gurung community, which is popular in video and print media, is very powerful and distinct to draw peaceful image of Ghandruk. The view of that settlement could be seen from upper hill of Ghandruk, where Snow Land Lodge and Heaven View Lodge are located.

Ghandruk trail is Annapurna base-camp, through Landruk, circuit which is very popular in trekkers. Natural lover and trekker would miss this short trip since the view of this place let feel you within yourself and people are very helpful and friendly to local or international tourist.

I checked tomorrow’s sun-rise into my mobile. It was 6:06am. We slept soon to walk up early In the morning. I, my wife and kids found golden pick of Mt. Ghaulagri and Mt. Machapurchare in the morning for few minutes. It is not possible only to describe in text. It was wonderful moment when we were together watching the view of Himalayan nearby our eyes. This is possible with trail of Ghandruk which takes one day through off road from Pokhara.

How to reach Ghandruk from Pokhara?

Let’s start from domestic airport of Pokhara. Taxi to Hari Chowk of Pokhara for a zip to Ghandruk is available according to availability of passengers till 2pm. Hari Chowk, Naya pool, Birethati along with Modi Khola are station of this trail and It takes 3.5 hours in Zip to get temporary bus station of Ghandruk from where it normally takes 1.5 hour to reach main village of Ghandruk. There are many hotels and lodges. If you are planning a trail on foot from Naya pool, travel to either Naya pool or to Phedi. The trail climbs steeply uphill to your right towards Dampus. Walking along this ridge affords fantastic views of Annapurnas and Manaslu. If you go to Birethati, you can turn right after crossing the river (Modi khola) and aim to reach Ghandruk. This is about a 5-7 hours steep uphill trail with good views of Machhapuchre (Fishtail) and Annapurna South.

Photo Story

Wearing Gurung attire in Ghandruk.
Hotel of Ashis Aama in Ghandruk.
Kids with Ass on the way to Ghandruk.
Kids in Gurung Attire.
Empowering for a walk to Ghandruk.
Posing to get snap of hen – (kukhuro). 😛
Kids posing at Gurung community, at background.
Local settlement in Ghandruk.
Local hotel and lodge in Ghandruk.
Kids helping to prepare tea in firewood.
Talking about culture and settlement with local woman in Ghandruk.
Way to Ghandruk.

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