Teamwork for Potential Possibilities: Observation on a way to Pokhara


Displaying result, which was only possibility before taking action and turned into reality, of teamwork.

TANAHU, Friday, 24th March 2017 – She got a fish. She got it because team had contributed their passion and efforts for a possibility which was equally distributed as they perceived. Finally, the possibility turned into reality on her hand and she got a fish.

I found this scene when I was in traveling with my kids and wife nearby at “Ghasi Kuwa” of Tanahu district of Nepal. The “Ghasi Kuwa” is one of the inspirational source of Aadhikabi (Ancient Poet ) Bhanu Bhakta Acharya who translated Ramayana into Nepali language. And obviously this observation was one of the inspiring scenes for me too.

She with a group of colleagues was surfing fish into water when I saw at the first time. Her colleague tried to turn off a stone to get a fish. She also supported her colleague and they could not turn off a stone. They called other colleagues for a help since a stone was heavy for their effort. They came to help them out. No one knows about result that who gets a fish or no one too. They worked out and turned off a stone. Each of them tried to get fish and finally she got it one. Everyone was searching fish in other direction and other places again with smiling face.

This is very amazing teamwork for possibilities or potential possibilities, even for one or many. This is one of great knowledge which should be internalized while working with team in our workplace and in any where we are.

They observed, called for action, action reflected and possibility turned into reality – a fish. 

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