Why was trip of Assam University important to link Cambridge?


An e-mail, which was going to mark successful work ahead, popped up into my computer in beginning of February 2015 when I have just returned from my university in Rajasthan, India after completing pre-requisite coursework of my PhD. The e-mail was about to submit research paper in international conference in Assam University. I was excited and eager to learn more search work writing papers. I accepted it immediately to gear up my paper.

I spent 21 days and nights to prepare the paper and after consultation with my professors, came up with paper before going to the conference on 11-12 March 2015. While submitting paper to conference team, I also linked my professors which leaded us to move together to the conference. On the way to venue we met across the man who predicted about our splendid journey which is now standing as one of the great achievement here. The paper among 300 papers, I submitted, was selected for publishing in Cambridge Scholars Publishing from UK. It was another milestone for me which push me forward with upcoming responsibilities again.

It was not really easy while preparing and putting your ideas in academic paper. I came to know when I was in line of preparation of paper and research work. But, those issues and huddles are shortened by valued guide of my professors – Associate Prof. Gajendra Sharma and Prof. Subarna Shakya and either less my wife who bore blunt of my tension during writing paper to make it success, Dr. Charu Joshi who has put this paper in front of publisher and my colleagues. I found nights which is most powerful time to think in a different way.

Before presentation paper in the conference I used to watch presentation of powerful and impressive people of the world. I tried to emit their delivery and style to make floor impressive. I did accordingly in the conference too, especially I focus on content.

Content of paper was very powerful and burning issue addressing technology and social media specially. I had introduced new phenomena – called MeGenFie – which was coined during research work. There are few struggling ideas which are trying to establish news authenticity, freedom of expression and human rights plotting real scenario and setting example in paper.

Following links are of related to papers:

  1. Book: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/problems-and-perspectives-of-the-relationship-between-the-media-and-human-rights-2
  2. Description of Book: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/download/sample/63815
  3. Presentation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JUykeGSsK0

Video of presentation in Assam University


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