A Trail through Lamma Island

rmb-on-beachLAMMA ISLAND, HONG KONG, 21st Feb 2017 – Splendid journey to Hong Kong was nailed one year before in office’s picnic in Gokarna Resort. I was reluctant to make this trip due to prejudice about Hong Kong and its people in such a way that I was on my bed at home till 8:30pm whereas I had to report airport at 9:00pm. Airport is 15 minutes walking distance from my home. I was feeling that this trip was obligation rather than my own interest. But, after this trip I knew it was a call of dragon warriors. I would regret if I would not make this trip. It is meaning trip because a quest of trip made me clear how much I was wrong to Hong Kong and its people. I am thankful to those all local people and their consideration with graceful behavior. I found everyone is awesome and extensively natural with eternal feelings and the places, I have been like Lamma Island, were successful to mesmerize my trip for a long till the end.Lamma Island, a haven of culture and creativity from turquoise coves and traditional fishing villages to an environmentally friendly wind turbine, is itself a medley of hidden Hong Kong scenery. I started the journey from “Sok Kwu Wan” bay. Visitors are welcomed by a stressful of seafood restaurants and arts and crafts stores once they disembark at the pier.

Alone at middle of trail in Lamma Island.

Tin Hau Temple – This 150 year old Tin Hau Temple is where local fisherman pray to Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, for safety and fruitful returns before setting out to fish. Reconverted after fire in 2005, the temple houses a specimen of the world’s longest bony fish, giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne), discovered in 2001 in Lamma Isaland Strait.
Hilltop Pavillion – Following the walk I reached a pavilion. Magnificent view of Aberdeen, Repulse Bay and ocean park across East Lamma Channel are a break to take during this trip. I took few photos and selfie with the beautiful moments and took to steps to destination.

Hung Shing Yeh Beach – After walking through ups and down through forest area with no one, I found a beautiful beach and found myself lost with its beauty. Fine sands, clear waters and refreshing sea breeze – no wonder local love to swim and sunbathe here are making itself being there for all.

Yung Shue Wan – Holiday rental flats at the cost of HKK 400 dollar (according to property agent of Yung Shue Wan), handicraft stores, bars, restaurants and cafes line the narrow streets of Yung She Wan are clearly visible for visitors in peaceful manner. The village is a great hang-out for islanders and colorful finale to your journey offering snacks and souvenirs before you hop on a ferry to Aberdeen and Central.
Distance of the trail is approximately 7km and at the middle of trail, we go through small villages where traditions of local preserving core values of Chinese are clearly visible to notice. People are still using territorial TV antenna and cycle for local travel.
I had ended the trail alone crossing village and forest area with my amazing experience for a life time.

Ending Scene of Lamma Island.

Rajendra posing at sea bay near by “Tin Hau Temple”.
Ariel view of see bay from Lo So Shing.
Local vehicle observing village.
Ending of trail and ferry station.
Yung Shue Wan main street.
Trail route of Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

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