Decoding my dream of Dragon Warriors – Digital Technology in Mediation

Rajendra Man Banepali’s gesture with a cup of coffee after problem solving with Air Hostesses – (Left) Blue Cheung, Hana Lau and Sally Lui

Hong Kong, 22nd February 2017 – Two dragon warriors were into my dream on Sunday, 7th August 2016 night (a day of Naag Panchami). I realized that my footsteps, while stepping out from airbus at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu at mid night of Wednesday, 22nd February 2017, was decoding my dream of 200 days ago. My overall journey in Hong Kong was meaningful and I am thankful to team members for their consideration and cooperation for my trip. I would regret if I had not made this trip indeed because I would not be able to decode my dream of dragon warriors.

While returning home, I was really excited to write about my Trail of Lamma Island of Hong Kong. However, onboard experience was another trigger to impress me for writing. I was excited of learning Chinese words from a Taiwanese lady sitting next to me during meal time onboard. Suddenly, one of air hostesses came to me asking for a help so that I could assist an old woman, average 70s, who was on connecting board alone from San-Francisco. Someone said that a person is in airport to receive her. The poor woman was moving around the whole board and searching for a door to go out. She was thinking that she was still in her apartment and supposed to go out. She used to forget a matter few minutes ago. She was in short term memory and shouting to everyone who tried to convince her to sit down to her seat. She was roaming throughout middle passenger seats too. She was ordering and yelled to give her a way to move through. All most all passengers could guess her worst condition. Everyone, who knew the condition, co-operated the situation.

Before taking any action or talking with her, I observed her for few minutes and talked with who was from San-Francisco with her. But, a man was not relative or anyone of her too. I asked the man information about her and tried to warm up talking with the old woman very carefully but I was also facing very difficult situation with her. I remembered what I do the situation while dealing with public information and public relations with facilitation and mediation tactics. Hardly, I could talk her for few minutes and I tried to follow her so that we could redirect her in safe place rather than emergency exit door. She continued to walk around board and I followed her.

In the first attempt, we could stop her for few minutes and started to move again. She was angrier than the last. At that time, we were flying over Myanmar according to screen on board. We found still we have more than 2 hours to reach to our destination. Again, the air hostess came to me for a help. I didn’t have thing on my mind then. I went there and observe again. I don’t see any option except letting her roaming around board. All of the sudden, I found a way. I went to a young lady to record her voice as a daughter of the old woman – “telling her to stay at room until she didn’t come to receive her from room” (Airbus is a room for the old woman). As soon as recorded it, I shouted as if real phone call is coming from her daughter – “Aama ! Tapaiko chorile phone garnu bhayeko cha, lau linus ta !”. She listened carefully and said, “Jhatai aaija ta !”. She went to her seat and tried to sit on her seat then. After few minutes again she started to move but I had already prepared another shot of voice too and acted for another shot. Finally, the old woman went to her seat till the end of our destination, Kathmandu, quietly.

I found it is very interesting incident I have met onboard. We came to solution because we were able to think how the old woman was thinking the airbus as a room. It is an understanding of multiple realities from each standpoint of environment and it is also equality important incident of knowing digital technology in mediation.

Finally, we came to end of the situation on the ground of Tribhuvan International Airport at 11:40pm. I talked with crew members and got photos with them. While stepping out, the steps decoded my dream of dragon warriors. I returned to my land from the land of dragon. Air hostesses in red dress were also from the land of dragon, especially red dragon and I have air ticket with red dragon. Everything was clear to decode my dream at the end of my journey to Hong Kong. I would not be able to decode my dream without this journey.


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