Technology for nation building – smooth transition of Hong Kong Immigration redirecting my thoughts

Meeting with a kid next to my seat with his parent on board way to Hong Kong.

17th Feb 2017, KOWLOON, HONG KONG – Three hours before to airport at my home too, I was not really on the way of my trip to Hong Kong. All of the sudden, I found myself on the way of reporting to airport for travel. I set off for report on foot since airport is ten minutes far from my home on foot. There are a lot of people in queue checking-in and I joined the queue. Most of Nepali people are for connecting flight and few are to Hong Kong.

Immigration officer in Nepal checked my documents and asked, “Is it your first visit to Hong Kong?” Yes, I replied promptly. And put a question, “How do you manage money for Hong Kong since you have only few dollars according to exchange stamped in ticket?” All of the certain time after reviewing my passport and its transactions, he came to conclusion that I have a dollar cards from my previous visit to abroad. He was scanning my all documents very carefully. Again he asked about my profession and work in Nepal and it was his last question to me after my reply showing my proof document (official ID card) of being what I do in Nepal.

Now it was turn of Hong Kong immigration in Hong Kong Airport in arrival.  It was not number of questions. He asked, “How long do I stay in Hong Kong?” I replied as my plan written in my original document as it was screening on officer’s monitor after scanning my passport.

A smooth transition through Hong Kong immigration made me a new awesome perspective of Hong Kong defusing my prejudicing of harassment made to Nepali passport holders by immigration of Hong Kong. It won’t end here. I found each and every one here very friendly and helpful while I came to encounter problems, like finding my hotel and other issues. On the way to hotel, I planed train rather than car or bus. I reached to main city and I found free shuttle from train station to hotel. It was amazing and very nice one.

The very first day did not end of such surprising things, I came to surprise when I bought SIM card for my mobile. Even a shop keeper in 7 eleven did not ask my any identity or document except money while giving me the SIM card. It was another socking thing for me too how telecom tracks down identity of subscriber. Obviously, everyone is in surveillance in this digital world.

Immigration of Hong Kong did have and scanned of all documents because everything is on their fingertips while going through immigration process. They are equipped by technology and liberated by power of digital technology. I could not see even simple monitor on the desktop of immigration officer in airport of Nepal. I want to see us equipped soon.

The day has not ended yet. Another story has to come in next article – Time Ball Macine of Harbour… I reached to my hotel in Nathan Road, Kowloon nearby Harbour after hard struggle but with help of Google Map.


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